New 3DS update is live

Major 3DS update now going live around the world.

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Samus HD2415d ago

and eShop and MiiPlaza aren't available in my region!!!

browngamer412415d ago

Just got it..its pretty sweet! Also got Nintendo zone..but I am apparently not in a Nintendo zone area:(

klecser2415d ago

Got it this morning. Much improved.

MizTv2415d ago

wish i could download super mario world from the store. that would make me happy

klecser2415d ago

Key updates that people asked for:

-Map of Streetpass contact places of origins.

-Passive downloads of purchased software.

-"Add only required funds" feature in eSHOP.

There's obviously a LOT more than that but those were specific things that i know people have asked about and written articles about recently.