Get Xbox LIVE Free For One Year When You Sign Up To Telecom Broadband

Telecom has announced a sweet deal to new New Zealand broadband customers that they can get Xbox LIVE for free when they sign onto their broadband plans.

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StayStatic2178d ago

Not really a reason i would want to strap myself into a 12 month contract for =/ but it might be worth it to someone i suppose.

Godmars2902178d ago

Heck, in the US its usually 2-3 years, with the first year or six months for the provider locked at a discount. For what's that worth.

NewZealander2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

yeah right, i changed from telecom because they throttled consoles! my xbox was almost un useable online, they have got better but they still suck.

telstra clear all the way for me.

tack1292178d ago

Yeah no thank you.

Telstra Clear is much better in terms of speed.

Intentions2178d ago

Family deal is way more better =D, and at above how fast is Teltra Clear?

PandaJenkins2178d ago

I use telstra, they give me unmetered dl's for steam and plenty of other things, plus good speed / general usage. It just seems that telecom realize they can't grab the PC guys so why not go for xbox only people?