Exploring the future of Uncharted

What’s next for the Uncharted series? What should change? Assuming that the world doesn’t go crazy and give us Uncharted Team Racing, here are a few thoughts…

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Nitrowolf22116d ago

well we got atlantis of the sands, now give us Atlantis of the sea

beavis4play2116d ago

how about:
search for foutain of youth
search for aztec/mayan treasure
search for flying dutchman
search for patagonia

i think any of these (along with atlantis) would be excellent choices.

Awookie2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Good thing you're not the game lead for ND, your first two were the plot for Uncharted 1/2 and your bottom 2 are bad ideas

How about something regarding Christianity or other religion.

beavis4play2115d ago

awookie - you're wrong on both. he was looking for the treasure of el dorado in #1 and trying to find out what happened to marco polos missing ships in #2 -

DonaldBeck2116d ago

leave it to nd to amaze us

Malice-Flare2116d ago

maybe have Drake search for the Blades of Chaos or the Heavenly Sword? just a thought...

LarVanian2116d ago

Maybe he could team up with another fellow thief like Sly Cooper :).

Hicken2116d ago

Very good ideas, Rinku. Keeping it within the Sony family, as it were. Although it'd probably work better if it were something on a more massive destruction-type scale... maybe.

Still, I think that'd be amazing.

Malice-Flare2116d ago

well, if finding the Blades of Chaos meant encountering Kratos, there's the wholesale destruction right there...

Kinetix2116d ago

First what they can do is explain many unanswered questions from UC3. For example, his relationship status with Elena and wtf was up with the whole ring thing. What's Drakes real name and what country he is from.(For a minute there I thought he was Colombian) And where did Cutter come from and his deal is. Maybe they can be answered in Vita's Golden Abyss, who knows. There's a lot of things they could fix but as far as next destination they should take him to Tahiti or China.

DeeZee2116d ago

Not going to happen, they never really explained what happened between the first and second game.

ginsunuva2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Next up is global scale CIA involved crisis similar to Bourne, but with drake.

And it will have drake finding a new civilization on some other planet and low grav alien battles at the end.

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