Batman Skins DLC now available for Arkham City

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that the "Arkham City Skins Pack" for Batman: Arkham City is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 Microsoft Points and for Games for Windows Live and PlayStation Network for $4.99 USD.

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Rynx2445d ago

Meh, I was thinking about getting this but it doesn't add any kind of trophy support. So I might get it if the price goes down.

MrBeatdown2445d ago

I'm wish they had a little more variety. I had a mountain of Batman figures when I was a kid and a lot of them were really unique. Most of these look pretty similar with just a few minor differences.

2pacalypsenow2445d ago

ughhhh why do we have to pay for skins!

BigDollarZoe9542445d ago

The Batman Beyond skin Is my favorite the rest look ok

Eazy-Eman2445d ago

can you don the skins during the campaign, or are they only skins for the challenge maps?

JonahFalcon2442d ago

You can use the skins for New Game Plus.