Kinect mod for Skyrim allows you to unleash Dragon Shouts in a whole new way

NRM: "So after Microsoft realised the potential of Kinect with the unveiling of the SDK not too long ago, there's been plenty of additions that can't help but make us fall in love with the capabilities of the motion sensor that were hidden behind the likes of Rise of Nightmares and Kinect Sports.

This time, it's the turn ot Youtube user KinectFAAST, who integrated the hardware with his copy of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (read our review) on the PC to an awesome degree. Voice commands can open the quest journal, switch weapons and access their favourites. Conversations can be struck up with NPCs by simple saying "hello," and (of course) dragon shouts are capable, in true Galdalf-on-the-bridge-in-the-m ines-of-moria style."



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SignifiedSix2390d ago

That's actually pretty sweet.

BattleTorn2389d ago

I'm quite impressive too. He seems very familar and fluid with his motion controls.

Shadonic2390d ago

Yea the creators pretty cool i remember talking to him about the use of dragon shouts using voice hes really cool.

Ezio20482389d ago

wish i had an Xbox 360..;(

RedDead2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

This is Pc

pretty cool

Ezio20482389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )


@T900 - thanks for the info mate.
planning to upgrade my PC now.

T9002389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )


We know its easy to get on to the console hype train. But here are some facts for you:

Console maker Sony hypes 3D markets it everywhere yet only has maybe 25-30 games in 3D, PC has over 600 games in 3D ;-)

Both console makers hype HD this gen, yet hardly 5% of their games are in full HD. Again 3-4 year old PC hardware runs 95% of games in 1080p and beyond.

Console makers bring out motion controls, yet again most innovation happens on PC ;-)

See a trend the platform that gets marketed and hyped the least is ahead in every aspect lol.

SnakeCQC2389d ago

here is another few facts about pc gaming A not all games work with a controller B worrying about best settings is quite annoying having a console that you know already has a games optimum settings for that console takes away stress C some games are released later or not released on pc because of piracy D drm is annoying. Get a 360 or ps3 never a wii lol

decrypt2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )


A- That depends on preference, PC still offers the widest range of controls than any platform. Allows use of Mouse/KB, DS3, 360controller, Wii mote you name it.

B- At least on PC you have the option of settings, 4-5 year old hardware runs most games at max settings. The optimum you mentioned for console = lowest settings on PC. So yea you are like trapped at the lowest settings with no options. Look at Skyrim running on PS3 today, would you call that optimum? its a slide show, sorry you cant do anything about it because the hardware is old.

C- Every platform has its exclusives, notice how Left4dead made it to PC and Xbox yet PS3 was left out.

D- Consoles themselves are a DRM. You cant play PS2 games on a PS3, you dont know if PS3 games will run on PS4. Hence the hardware is the DRM. Atleast on PC if i buy a game today i know it will most probably work with the next set of my hardware 4-5 years from now. Hell i can play games i bought 15years back on PC today, cant do that on console because console DRM is worse.

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T9002389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Dam i love PC gaming. Might be worth it to finally get a kinect for the PC.

Edit: if voice commands could be linked to keys. That would be amazing for some games. Though i wonder if there is a software that can do this for any voice input device.

AtomicGerbil2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Voice recognition is not unique to Xbox or Kinect, it's been around for years. It's just not popular enough for devs to code.

xPhearR3dx2389d ago

Tell that to Bioware (Mass Effect 3)

PirateThom2389d ago

How many people will, genuinely, use voice controls for Mass Effect 3?

A few will probably try it, but, in the end, it'll end up like SOCOM's voice controls on PS2, a novelty, but buttons will be faster.

bobrea2389d ago

I'm not a fan of motion controls but I thought it was really awesome how you could just use a voice command to equip something rather than have to use an inventory screen each time I want to change a weapon or spell.

Games4M - Rob2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Any microphone could do this !

Why is it when a game adds a voice controlled feature its being touted like it is only possible because of Kinect ?

The voice activated features in themselves are cool but you do not require Kinect to do them, any heasdset would work just as well and be a lot cheaper.

Shadonic2389d ago

hes not even using the kinect to do it hes useing a different program. I honestly belive the voice recognition would be better if he didi use it through kinect its really good.

Games4M - Rob2389d ago

" the voice recognition would be better if he did use it through kinect its really good."

Why would it be better ? The physical mic inside Kinect isnt anything special and the voice recognition aspect is completely software based and so would work just as well with any mic.

This is exactly what im talking about. People are actually convinced that the magic of Kinect has ushered in a new realm of voice activated controls - when in reality its been around for years and is not enhanced in any way by having a £120 webcam with a bog standard mic strapped to it!

Drake1172389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

If only the kinect was a $200 webcam that would make sense. Way to downplay the sh*t out of it. This sh*t right here is cool regardless of what hardware/software it uses stop stealth trolling so hard. Its the combination of both voice controlled and motion controlled mechanics that make this pretty amazing.

Shadonic2389d ago

im not saying the mic is anything special im saying that the software used for voice recognition on kinect would be better than the software he used for the mic this is my own personal opinion. Sorry if the way that i wrote ths didint exactly send the message that i was more focused on the software than the actual mic

bozebo2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

See related video for what Kinect actually does.

The mic is nothing special though of course.
"the software used for voice recognition on kinect would be better than the software he used for the mic"
No... lol

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SnakeCQC2389d ago

maybe because a mic just detects sound not movement and kinects are very easy to hack

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