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GP: "While the hobbits, wizards, and the rest of the crew were out thwarting Sauron's plans, Middle-earth saw the trials and tribulations of several other heroes who have never quite received the recognition they should have. Seems a little unfair, does it not? In terms of gaming, that might not be a bad thing. So far, those stories have been riddled with frustrating bugs and disappointing gameplay, despite the hype machine's attempts at propping them up to 'must-buy status.'

Much like The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North seeks to tell one of those tales with many of the same elements of the 2004 role-playing game. Three new and relatively unfamiliar heroes whose actions ultimately aided those who appeared in the classic trilogy are set in a hack-and-slash RPG with droves of fantastical enemies, loot to collect, and experience to earn. But without a solid foundation and engaging quests to back those things up, War in the North quickly devolves into what will ultimately become bargain bin fodder."

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