Rayman Origins: Charm Personified (Hooked Gamers)

After years of languishing in the wilderness whilst being upstaged by Rabbids, Rayman is back on centre-stage where he belongs. With platformers undergoing somewhat of a resurrection in 2011, with the grand masters Sonic and Mario appearing in quite frankly brilliant titles, it is fitting that Ubisoft Montpellier have brought the limbless adventurer back to his roots with the side-scrolling platformer Rayman Origins. Originally planned as an episodic title, Ubisoft has ditched the idea and chosen to throw the game into the deep-end, where you can’t swim a few metres without bumping into another stellar title. In such a sink or swim environment, can Rayman Origins make a good enough show of itself to stand out from the crowd, or will it simply be lost to the depths?

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