Top 5 Aeons in Final Fantasy X

Adnanrules from GNVR has wrote his opinion on 5 best Aeons for Final Fantasy X


Adnanrules Top 5 Aeons in Final Fantasy X

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PirateThom2297d ago

Yojimbo not first.... why?

Ducky2297d ago

He's the one that you have to constantly pay just to fight... and then he just sends his dog to do the fighting, right?

Yea, he was pretty boss.

jthamind2297d ago

it's not really hard to get him to consistently do his better attacks for only a small amount of money. also, you can get him to the point where he'll do a free Wakizashi or two right when you summon him if he likes you enough.

for the record, Yojimbo is not only my favorite FFX summon, but he's my favorite one in any Final Fantasy game.

for FFX, my second favorite is between the Magus Sisters and Anima.

crxss2297d ago

yojimbo was pretty awesome, i'd only pay him 1 gil at a time but anima is definitely number one. even though she's the mother of that creepa$$ seymour.

Lucreto2297d ago


negroguy2297d ago

Anima is the best one (for FFX). It's just boss how he breaks his chains and unloads on the enemy.

consolez_FTW2297d ago

Anima is my number one and Yojimbo is close at second. Fighting Anima and Yojimbo for the first time was soo amazing, just because of the difficulty and the satisfaction of beating them.

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The story is too old to be commented.