UGO: Soulcalibur Legends review

Fighting games are not generally known for their engaging storylines, which can be a problem when they're spun off into different generic categories. Such is the case with Bandai Namco's tepid "air masher" Soulcalibur Legends for the Nintendo Wii. The game has an excellent pedigree, filling the narrative gap between the mid-90s arcade and PS1 hit Soul Edge and its 1999 follow-up, Soulcalibur. The switch from one-on-one melee combat to third-person hack 'n slash is not a good one as Legends collapses beneath the weight of its laughable story. Add to that the unimaginative visuals, repetitive gameplay and questionable design features and its hard not to walk away the impression that this is one holiday release which perhaps went gold just a bit too soon. UGO gives Soulcalibur Legends an overall rating of C.

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