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IGN writes:
With magnificent blockbusters like Batman: Arkham City, Skyrim, Portal 2 and Uncharted 3, 2011 has been a huge year for great video games. As much as we would love to spend all our time with the hits, there were still plenty of terrible games that had to be reviewed. Here are ten of the most awful games that we here at IGN have had the displeasure of reviewing this year. Avoid these duds when holiday shopping unless you're out for gaming revenge against your absolute worst enemies.

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hennessey862326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

As a 10 year cod veteran id say MW3, its a sad state of affairs that game to the point where I will never trust in the cod name again. Since 4 it has got worse and worse, what the hell is with all those kill streaks. UAV, air strike and chopper was more than enough and the camping oh my god its got to the point where the game is unplayable at an enjoyable level because of these idiots who think it fun to sit in a corner and shoot who ever goes past its sad. Its too easy to get a kill, the weapons are unbalanced, the maps are rubbish bar maybe two and its full of little kids and I can't see how it will recover because lets face it they are not going to change it after the sales it had just achieved so this is cod now and the only alternative is bf3 which i will be buying tomorow along with cod 4 for when i want to play a good call o duty. post 4 they are all flawed!!!!!

StrongMan2326d ago

If you think the camping is bad in MW3 just wait until you play Battlefield 3.

DonaldBeck2326d ago

battlefield 3 lame? nukepalm.

Micro_Sony2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

"Worst Games of the Year" Has to be Gears 3, Killzone 3 and Resistance 3.

Those games were the biggest let downs for me.

Uncharted 3 is the best game this gen and after playing UC 2 and 3 all other games are meh. Sony should get rid of those worthless studios and give ND a bigger budGet and 10 more studios so then can make more awesome games.

BattleTorn2326d ago

i find camping in BF3 much different.

COD maps are endless loops, so if someone hides in a corner, he can kill people circling the map.

BF's maps are larger, and quite often have a sense of direction (as enemies spawn from one direction, and allies from the opposite)

So camping in BF is more like, not moving forward, rather just waiting for easy kills.

something if you stay in the same spot in BF for too long, the battle has gone elsewhere.

solar2326d ago

campers in BF3 imo are a non issue. you got the scope glare, and the kill cam. the only incentive to camp in BF3 is kills, unlike CoD where the incentive is kill streaks to get a computer controlled event.

Panthers2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

I HATE killstreaks. They take more away from gameplay than they add in my opinion. And BF3 does such a better job of rewarding teamwork. I freakin love gettin into a huge gunfight and throwing out medpacks and reviving people while duck and covering. Then watching my teammates take out a tank. (As assault I cant really deal with tanks) The class system works so well in BF3. I cant get enough of the game.

I just wish I could fly helos and planes. I pretty much nosedive on takeoff. (Yes I am that bastard pilot that kills you the second you spawn in the helicopter)

TenSteps2326d ago

Gears 3? Resistance 3? Killzone 3?

A letdown does not mean worst. Just saying.

Army_of_Darkness2326d ago

dude, if Gears 3, Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 is a let down to you, then you got some serious issues bro... I have Uncharted 2-3, which are both amazing games, but in no way even after playing them I would even consider those 3 games a let down?! they are all amazing games from my experience.

I don't understand this killzone 3 hate?! its an awesome game and I just love it even more with move support! :D and personally I like it better than KZ2.

Gremlin2562326d ago

if you play tdm yes camping is there but not as much as mw3.. rest of the modes like rush and conquest camping is needed to defend .. learn to play the game..

awi59512326d ago

oh please atleast im BF3 people cant stay in a house all day and kill people.

Wagz222326d ago

I love finding people who camp in BF3, because I'm always able to sneak up and knife them which is one of the most satisfying things you can do! That and blowing up a helicopter with a well placed shot from a tank, so awesome!

Skip_Bayless2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Gears 3 finally got the single-player story mode correct, so I give credit to where it's due. It exceded my expectations. However Gears 1 is still the best of the series because it started the legacy of it all. Gears was the first game to look "next-gen" or current gen right now.

Now as far as worst game, we don't know because we probably have never heard of it before. Us hardcore gamers or gamers in general don't pay attention to bad games. We would have to go to Gamerankings and find the lowest aggregate score of the year.

da_2pacalypse2326d ago

MW3 should be on this list.

hadriker2326d ago

Camping in a BF game is a sure fire way to be bad at it.

grahf2325d ago

Can we all just agree that anything with a number 3 in the title should be on the list?

Detoxx2325d ago

There are no campers in BF3 Conquest, so stop talking shit

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Majin-vegeta2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

No offence man but it took you this long to figure out how lame cod was??Not many Devs can capitalize on a sequel but those who can props to them.It really is sad cod was once great but now the gamepaly is boring and stale and it feels like the life has been sucked from it completely.

@Above lol the camping in BF3 ain't as bad as people seem to make it at least on there you can demolish pretty much every camping place unlike cod.

Brink should be on here.

hennessey862326d ago

with every cod after 4 i was waiting for the improvements to be imlemented instead we got stupid gameplay additions

MysticStrummer2326d ago

Brink and Dead Island are the only titles that leap to mind for me. I bought a LOT of games this year and those two were the only letdowns.

antz11042325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

I personally really like MW3, I think the multi is alot more balanced this time around and I like the new modes. To each his own.

Lol, totally agree with you on Brink man, what a freakin' letdown.....

grahf2325d ago

Majin, I usually don't agree with you, but Brink is by far the worst "Hyped" game this year. I pre-ordered, and I'm SO glad I spent the $2 at Redbox. Saved myself $60.

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2326d ago
cpayne932326d ago

It still isn't as bad as Step Up on wiiware.

metsgaming2326d ago

Notice how the multiplat game thor and the robot one both had the pic of the ps3 version oh ign u cant even hide your bias.

2011 worst gaming journalism sites of the year awards , ign is one of the top favorites this year but has alot of competition who will win?

memots2326d ago

How could they? buuu buu buu teh multi plat runs better on xobx ...

Ducky2326d ago

"As a 10 year cod veteran"

... how could you be a 10 year veteran when the series itself is around 8 years old?

... or are you 10 years old? O.o

dragon822326d ago

You are correct. Call of Duty was released in Oct 2003. That would make it 8 years old.

Eyeco2326d ago

i admit im not the biggest fan on COD but hating on it is getting really boring now everyday since [email protected] which was 3 years ago , ive heard nothing but botching on the franchise and thats every day.

Im tiered of hearing the same stale excuses over and over again, because regardless the series still sells by the millions every day, we've establ;ished that cod has campers, killstreaks are bullshit and the lag/hit detection is a joke but who cares if people still buy it.

just play the games you do like and ignore this shitty series.

y0haN2325d ago

You're a 10 year CoD veteran and CoD has existed for 8 years.

RioKing2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

"i will be buying tomorow along with cod 4 for when i want to play a good call o duty. post 4 they are all flawed!!!!! "

Lol, so your saying that cod4 has no flaws? You probably meant that beyond the fact that if you piss off a host by killing him, he can back out and end the whole match at any point he wants? Or when you take two steps out of your spawn and your whole team is immediately noob tubed by not one...but multiple people from the other team. Or when (GASP) a camper kills you in any hardcore match...

NO, those problems can't possibly exist on cod4, because it was the first Modern Warfare game... and that makes it perfect (like most of you on here say it is). And yes, it was VERY balanced; but nostalgia being the hell of a drug that it is, seems to have erased any of cod4's imperfections from your minds.

My biggest complaints of MW3 are campers (mostly in HC TDM and sometimes in S&D) and team killers in Hardcore Seach & Destroy...which btw, cod4 also has/had just as much of. The lag isn't very noticeable for me, for the most part :/

ThrazN72323d ago

year 10? eh what the game isn't even 10

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StrongMan2326d ago

Rise of Nightmares should be on that list.

2326d ago
MakiManPR2326d ago

I wonder what the Devs were thinking while developing those games

Gamer19822326d ago

The thing is 2 of them were Kinect titles.. Devs tried to do what they did with wii and produce shovelware on 360 but thanks to 360s graphics its a lot more noticeable.

eaisnotactivision2326d ago

camping is bad in bf3 but its easy to get past snipers.

Panthers2326d ago

Camping is not encouraged in BF3 though, unless trying to take an objective. Not like in MW3, where killstreaks are just begging players to camp.

BTW I never play any form of deathmatch. So I wouldnt know in those. Rush and Conquest are too awesome.

eaisnotactivision2326d ago

i play in conquest that is what bf is all about hell not even rush gives the same effect as conquest. i play hardcore conquest and there is always a bunch of guys camping on hills or at the end of streets.

trenso12325d ago

but the conquest assult mode in B2K is like a combination of the two mixing the fast feeling of rush while putting in conquest great game

ForROME2326d ago


wait that is not this year; yet it still haunts my dreams

dcortz20272326d ago Show