SoulCalibur V Gets a new Cinematic Trailer

Namco Bandai released today a new cinematic trailer of SoulCalibur V.

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killcycle2329d ago

Awful, sorry to be a buzz kill but this was just terrible imo. Dragged on abit, duel animation was nothing special and weak.

Kahvipannu2329d ago

I agree, the trailer wasn't good. Felt like I have seen it many times before, and it indeed dragged.

Tought SCV will be next fighting-game I'm going to get, it can't come soon enough^^

Tanir2328d ago

me and my fiance are biting our teeth waiting for this game! cant waaaait!

SeraphimBlade2329d ago

So is that the intro animation this time? Way better than SCIV, still not as good as any before that. Hopefully, that just means they were busy working on the actual game.

Eight more weeks. Looking forward to it.

killcycle2328d ago

Everything's just too shiny. Hurts my eyes, i don't like it.

Baka-akaB2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

It's not awful at all , it just is very classic . Besides all of the cinematic intros have always been worse that the magical Soul blade/edge catchy intro

Coolmanrico2328d ago

I don't think this is the intro to the game, but the first scene in story mode.