Xbox 360 facelift live now

"You might have noticed your 360 asking you to download a console update this morning - that's because Microsoft's revamp of the interface is now live.

We've already had a play with the new facelift and are happy to report that everything appears to be working fine. We headed straight over to the Marketplace to have a gander, where things have been renamed somewhat."

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romaink3942d ago

all my DivX and Xvid videos work... even with surround sound!
Thanks Microsoft!

bumnut3942d ago

why did someone disagree?

TrenchaunT3942d ago

YES! Xvid and AC3 support is amazing! I've got a ton of videos I can finally watch on my TV.

Bladestar3942d ago

Because it hurts them knowing that Microsoft delivered when it comes to this... It hurts them knowing that it actually works... One would think that they would be busy making some themes...

SmokeyMcBear3942d ago

yeah... its an awesome little feature, something I hope that the ps3 gets, but I don' really have xvid or divx videos.. just a couple of porn here or there, all of my dvd's are in mp4, but i could start going divx onces its here. One question though, can you stream them from your pc? I know the meida center option is not working, but I was wondering if there was another way to stream them from the pc, or do you have to have some sort of external hdd connected to the 360?

kewlkat0073942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

through Media Center on the 360 and the videos were unrecognized..

Do I have to play them straight from my computer and not through MCE?

Oh what is more important, which DIVX versions does it support? I wish someone had all this info...

I get confused about all these formats but I do have 50+ DivX/AviD movies....

romaink3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

Yeah... you must stream them through Windows media player 11. I think it's even easier than going through Media Center Extender. In the media bar under "Videos" you should see the option to change the source by pressing X. if your PC(s) is/are hooked up to your network they should show up.

Only DivX 5 and upward is supported.

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iNcRiMiNaTi3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

divx and xvids, yes now i can go and watch my devil may cry animes on my 360

[edit] disagrees? those can only come from sony fanboys who were laughing at 360 fans about gettin divx and xvid supports like a month before it was announced on 360...and those ps3 fanboys still dont have it

darthv723942d ago

at loading screens and going back to previous tabs. I like it but wish they had included divx 3 support. I wonder if it will play divx 6 encoded files? I don't have any 5 but have lots of 3.11.

Snukadaman3942d ago

all and all great update.

rubarb233942d ago

what the heck man? i live in canada and we still don't gots the video marketplace. i feel so left out in the cold. oh well, other than that the update is awesome.

darthv723942d ago

that is when the great white north will be getting the video marketplace.

rubarb233942d ago

for real yo? man i hope so. i've been wanting this since the states first got it.
thanks for the fyi.
bubbles for you dude. thx.

elitesupreme3942d ago

is the HDD still locked out from user added videos? I mean, I bought my 1st release Elite for the prospect of being able to use the 120GB HD, but so far all I have on them are game saves and a bunch of demos. I'd really hate to keep streaming when i have all of that space left on my HDD. Oh well, guess I'll figure it out later. :I

SmokeyMcBear3942d ago

??? you can't add videos onto the hard drive of the 360??

CrashSharc3942d ago

That's pretty messed up if true...

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