GameStop can’t have my Skyrim, leave me alone you pain in the ass

MMOMFG: If you’re like me and bought Skyrim at your local GameStop, chances are you got this in your email recently (I did this morning).

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zeal0us2330d ago

Aka buttf*ck.

Buy your game for way less than its actually worth then put it back on the shelf for retail price just so we can get a profit.

BuffaloBoobs2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

"Buy your game for way less than its actually worth then put it back on the shelf for retail price just so we can get a profit. "

Please, read what you just wrote a couple times and think how you would operate any differently. Who in their right mind would buy a used product from someone for the new, full retail price, then turn around and sell it at a discount because it is, in fact, used?

Now after you've worked that miracle, explain what is wrong with a business model that includes turning a profit.

Finally, please enlighten me as to your current occupation that gives you the opportunity to provide a service to the public for less than it costs you to provide in the first place.

Bonus: click the disagree button to prove to me how wrong I am.

aznrunner18812328d ago

He's right lol. Capitalism is capitalism.

awi59512328d ago

Yeah but gamestop didnt earn their money the creaters made the game and gamestop screws them over. Why does any game company send these fools games. The game industry needs a Opec type organization to swear off gamestop and only deal with walmart and target retailers that wont screw them.

rdgneoz32328d ago

@BuffaloBoobs There's between buying a game from someone for $30 and then turning around and selling it for $55, versus buying a game from someone for $30 and selling it for $40 to $45.

You'll never sell a used product for as much as you got it new or more than what it was new (except in the case of collectables or rare items or such having their value increase with time - toys or baseball cards in original packages for example, or vintage cars, etc), but gamestop giving someone crap for a game and selling it for almost double of what they paid for it is a bit much.

MaxXAttaxX2328d ago

They don't have to buy it from you for full retail price. But at least more than $30!

SilentNegotiator2328d ago

People selling for higher than they bought?! You mean capitalism?! ZOMG, those horrible people! Screw you Gamestop! /s

xXxSeTTriPxXx2328d ago

11 thumbs down for speaking the truth lmfao, only on n4g.

Winkle922328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Thank you, someone gets it.

Heck, go sell your game at Walmart or Target and see how much you get for it. Naw, I'll just make it easy on you and tell you... $0.

And as for people complaining they mark up the price to almost double what they give you for it... Read this, its NOT exactly a unique phenomena. Especially when your running a business, not a charity.

DasTier2328d ago

@aznrunner1881 lol it seems 2 people believe capitalism Is communism.

gamingdroid2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

I really don't understand why people complain about GameStop's business model.

Let's not forget the other part of the equation! You know, the CUSTOMER that sells the game to the retailer and the CUSTOMER that buys the game!!!

I don't like GameStop, but I don't like that other complains about how someone else makes money as long as it is clear what the business transaction is.

That said, nothing will change about complaining here. May I suggest a picketing outside the retail store?

eak32328d ago

Obviously BBoobs you haven't recognized that it's cool to bash capitalism these days. Everyone needs their fair share, so Gamestop should obviously just give away copies of Skyrim to make sure those less fortunate get equal opportunity to experience this game. Yes sarcasm was intended!! Fuck these socialist pricks!

bozebo2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

"Now after you've worked that miracle, explain what is wrong with a business model that includes turning a profit."

+bubs :D

But I would agree that game retailers are very overpriced. £45 for PC BF3/Skyrim? No ty I'll go get them for £25 somewhere else.

But they HAVE to charge loads for the console titles because they make so little markup.

scotchmouth2328d ago


I think people say a lot about themselves by disagreeing with you if they indeed earnestly do.

Anyone ever watch pawn stars? Buy low sell high. If you ever want to be a successful business owner it's one of the first things you need to learn. You can't pay for the space your store occupies, the energy to operate it, the employees to staff it and the advertising to make it successful by breaking even.

persistentlobster2328d ago


1)Get off your high horse

2)Obviously, the whole point of a business is to make a profit. BUT, as rdgneoz3 pointed out already, there's a big difference between reselling a game for $55 and reselling a game for $40-$45. There are much more respectable companies that would be willing to give you a better offer for your games but people, for some reason, ignore these companies and continue going to gamestop. Also, gamestop's employees are generally the biggest tools on the face of this planet. Just sayin'.

TooTall192328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Why do so may people care about how much GameStop profits from buying/selling used games? If you have a problem with it, SELL THE GAME YOURSELF and earn that profit.

It's laughable that you guys think their profit is bought price - sold price, like GameStop has zero operating/marketing costs.

Cognitive dissonance at work.

Gurt_McSquirt2328d ago

Easy solution: Don't trade-in your game. No one is forcing you to.

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GraveLord2328d ago

With the issues PS3 version of Skyrim has been having I don't think selling it is such a bad idea......

LeftPawedFox2328d ago

Okay... so i have it for ps3 and have yet to run into any trouble besides when a dragon i was trying to fight was flying backwards. kinda funny tho ha.

slayorofgods2328d ago

patch 1.3 is out on pc... a few more days and you'll have it too.

It fix's almost every main issue on pc. Something to look forward to.

admiralthrawn872328d ago


fixed things for PC, keyword, PC. The platform that didn't have that many problems. You can't compare the pc version with the ps3 version

slayorofgods2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

"flying backwards"

This issue has been fixed.... This site pisses me off some days. I can't even comment on how backwards flying dragons are going to be soon fixed without getting disagree's piled up.

DasTier2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

@slayerofgods So wait are you saying that dragons flying backwards doesn't happen anymore? Because it happened to me on 360 yesterday.

* Also you got disagrees because most people here are console fanboys who hate any mention of the word PC

smithdown2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Yup - I had backwards-flying dragons on 360 less than 9 hours ago. Plus he got stuck inside a mountain with just his wing poking out, flapping like mad. Stupid lizard.

Annoyingly it was just as I was seeing the Northern Lights for the first time (over 50 hours in!!). Having some stuttering backwards-flying dragon zooming around the sky like a mental Benny Hill kinda ruined what should have been an epic moment...

slayorofgods2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

problems with patch 1.2;
1. Dragons fly Backwards
2. Resistance is ignored

fixed with patch 1.3; But this patch is only out on pc as of now , so 360 and PS3 still only have patch 1.2..... In a few days you will have patch 1.3 as well that will fix backwards dragons, restore resistance, and even give some more performance upgrades.

I was elaborating on my first comment that you all will have patch 1.3 to look forward to because it fix's even more issues.

SneeringImperialist2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )


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MysticStrummer2328d ago

80 gig phat here. 13mb save file and over 140 hours. Few problems. I guess keep pretending the PS3 version is unplayable and the 360/PC versions are pristine if you want to, but the fact is they have all had problems.

Bladesfist2328d ago

Wait the pc version has had problems? Enlighten me

RankFTW2328d ago

PC version has no problems, just keep telling yourself it does.

wlchrbandit2328d ago

It's not unplayable, but it is difficult at times. I'm around 75-80 hours in and I've had to stop playing a few times because of the lag/framerate, I've also had to deal with a couple of those drunk dragons. Don't get me wrong though, I love the game and I can still sit and play it for 6 hours straight, but it's around about that time it begins to lag..

bozebo2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

The PC version does have most of the bugs also seen on consoles: like AI getting stuck and quests becoming uncompletable.

It does seem to go a bit crazy with memory usage which crashes the game if you don't make it large memory address aware (or it did, have they patched that?).

AntBoogy902327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

I didn't even PATCH my version of Skyrim for PC.. and it ran perfectly fine.. i've ran into virtually no game breaking problems.

I didn't patch up because Bethesda is known for having shitty patches.. New Vegas.

So i waited.. and a new patch came to fix the old patch.. i finally updated.

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ZBlacktt2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Issues? People are making excuses. I just beat the game last night. Did it in 19 days 6 hours. With total play time of 201 hours. Did it run prefect? no. But you could still play.

Btw, people on here need to use google. Both the PC and Xbox have glitches as well.

smithdown2328d ago

Holy moly, 10 hours a day? Dude get a life... or at least a job...

Godchild10202328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Just because you don't want to trade-in your Skyrim, that doesn't mean the countless amount of other people haven't done so (There is a chance they haven't done it at GameStop, but there are other places to get rid of a game you don't want anymore). When you think about it 30 dollars is not bad when you have gotten 10,000 side quests done and 150-300 hours in. If you got 30 dollars of play time in, than that 30 dollars is not bad. You got back half of what you paid for and that is 30 dollars less you have to pay for the next game. I guess that is the way I look at it.

Also remember that email you got, is just an option and not an obligation.

bwazy2328d ago

I pity the soul who has 300 hours put in already...

Godchild10202328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

If you play 5 hours a day for 5 days and 10 hours for 2 days, that makes 45 hours and for four weeks, that is 180 hours. Some people have more time in the game than that. So no, I don't pity the soul. The game is that good, even if you are playing on the PS3.

That is coming from a person that works 40-50 hours and has 2 days off a week.

kma2k2328d ago

im not at the 300 hour mark but im pushing around 65 hours i think. I love this game.

ZBlacktt2328d ago

@ Godchild1020

I just beat the game last night. I started 19 days ago too. I have the PS3 game. I did it in 201 hours.

smithdown2328d ago

See my comment above. Yeah the game is good, but lets get some perspective here people.

And maybe some food.

And a shower.

And some sunshine, huh? Don't want to be getting rickets now, do we?

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SwampCroc2328d ago

I got one of those emails for BF3... haven't got one for Skyrim yet...

I currently don't have anything I want to trade in though.. I have to play them all first.

solar2328d ago

If developers really want to combat used games sales, how about rewarding legitimate customers with free content instead of pre order bonuses and free post launch content. The used anything market isnt going away. Stop treating used game customers like 2nd class gamers.

garos822328d ago

i think a fair and just solution is getting all dlc for the game free with a one off download code to your console (for first hand buyers). if any second hand users like the game and wanna buy some dlc kudos to the game company for making a decent game.its not really worth buying new games cause most of them are still broken and need patching too soon after release. later buyers (and i dont mean people who buy the game 1 year later) get the game cheaper with most patches sorted and even sometimes with all the dlc bundled already.

to be honest sometimes i feel mad buying them brand new

bozebo2328d ago

"to be honest sometimes i feel mad buying them brand new"

Same, I buy very few games brand new these days.
I've only bought BF3 and TW2 brand new (preordered) in the past year and both of them had (BF3 still HAS) severe issues.

garos822328d ago

problem is i buy loads brand new then someone else from my friends pics up the game cheaper and i think what an idiot i am