Importing PlayStation Vita: A Very Expensive Decision

Chris Buffa (Modojo): In September 2001, I imported a GameCube from Japan. The system was set to debut in the U.S. in November, but I couldn't wait two months.

The result? A little over $600 for the console (sans AV cables...that still blows my mind), Luigi's Mansion 2, Wave Race: Blue Storm and Super Monkey Ball.

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MultiConsoleGamer2449d ago

I was going to import but I decided to get the Amazon early bundle instead. God forbid you have to return the thing.

Buff10442449d ago

Very tempted by the Amazon's not a bad deal at all...and I think Little Deviants will showcase the system's abilities.

PirateThom2449d ago

2 months... it's not a ridiculous wait, really. I'm actually going into town on Saturday to pay mine off in full.

Buff10442449d ago

Great idea. I have $50 on a Wi-Fi only model. Every bit helps. Would love to have it largely paid off with credit by February.

PirateThom2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Yep, not doing what I did with PS3 and buy it in one lump, been spreading the cost a bit. I already have £100 off it, so, another £180 to go. Then I can just pick up Uncharted, Wipeout and a Memory Card when I pick up the thing...

CynicalVision2449d ago

Pirate, where are you getting your Vita from? Game? Gamestation?

Spreading the cost seems like a really great idea, I think I'll do the same thing.

PirateThom2449d ago

GameStop. I know, I know... but they're doing an offer on it where a pre-order gets you a discount on a game as well as a starter pack of accessories... I think it was also the cheapest... well, it was when I was looking at the time.

Kurisu2449d ago

I'm spreading the cost, as well. Also £100 paid so far (£85 loaded on to a gift card, and £15 worth of reward points). I find that I keep checking my drawer to make sure that the cards don't go missing xD

Misterhbk2449d ago

That's what I did, it's the best way to go about it. I've been spreading out the cost of it since June. Slowly but surely paying it off and now I have the whole thing paid off and several games. Now it's just the waiting game.

mcstorm2449d ago

I cant wait to give the psv a try but i still dont get why sony are not beinging it out out side of japan this year i think it could br a mistake on sonys part letting the 3ds get its 1st xmas with now next gen handheld but defo going to have alook at it when the shops get so e to try just wish it was out this year rather than around the same time as the wiiu anyone who is getting this before it is out before being on sales out sife of japan i bet its worth the money you spend.

Ryo-Hazuki2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

I was thinking of importing at first but 2 months isn't that far away. I'm going to pre-order the bundle this week

Baka-akaB2449d ago

Yeah i was going to import . Expecting the US/Eu release far later as usual ... nor was i thrilled by the prospect of the weird math behind currency rate exchange for console prices .

But it the end as it's close ( and i still might just import from the US instead) i'll just chill and wait

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