He’s Level 9 In Skyrim. He Hasn’t Killed Anything.

YouTube user WestSideLuigi is playing Skyrim as a pacifist. He's at level eight and has zero kills. "This is what I do with wolves: calm them, turn them into peaceful little puppies."

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sagapo2415d ago

an unique way of playing this game :) but I don't see him getting any shouts this way tho.

schlanz2415d ago

What an incredibly boring way to play.. basically just fear and calm all day long with some sneaking.

But hey, to each his own, that's just one reason why games like this are so great.

sagapo2414d ago

well, I did say "unique", not "awesome" or "fun".

But agreed, it would get boring for me as wel.

DaThreats2415d ago

He doesnt kill the undead

MasterCornholio2415d ago

Que bien! Esta jugando como un hippie en Skyrim.

Grear he's playing skyrim as a hippie.

Damn you can literally play in almost any way you want in this game.



I wish they had the walk on water spell and levitation spell in skyrim :-(

DragonKnight2415d ago

I'm level 11 and I haven't killed anything yet. Mind you, my reason is because I'm using an exploit to level up in the first area before you can kill anything lol. Just hack and slash at who ever rescued you and you can level up easily. Sneak especially.

raWfodog2415d ago

Is this your second or third playthrough? If this is your first time, why would you want to use an exploit? Just curious...

DragonKnight2415d ago

Well, it actually was supposed to be a "just mess around" character. I created a second file with a new character but forgot to turn off autosave and it saved over my original, non-exploited character. I was only level 20 with that character so it's not so bad, but I got pretty pissed when it happened. Ugh. I had 3 shouts, Beast mode, lame equipment though. *Sigh*

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The story is too old to be commented.