New Tony Hawk game anouncement on the way?

A tweet from the Birdman himself suggests there’s a new game on the way. He doesn’t say so directly but hints there’s a reason he’s announcing something on the same day as the Spike VGAs, saying “Coincidence? I think not”.

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Starbucks_Fan2419d ago

I'd buy it when it's cheap. Got the board for $5 so why not.

AntoineDcoolette2418d ago

Lol Tony Hawks hasn't been relevant since Pro Skater 4

MaxXAttaxX2418d ago

I would say the Underground games was when they were a their peak.
But I loved the Pro Skater games though.

I hope they ditch the peripheral nonsense and make a proper game.

MultiConsoleGamer2419d ago

I just saw a stack of Tony Hawk Ride bundles at my local Target. They piled high, priced at $11, and no one had bought a single bundle.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2418d ago

I hope it's another Pro Skater game but make it like they use to be.

Game4life2418d ago

I'll buy long as you don't use the special controller. I never liked that.

WooHooAlex2418d ago

They should bring it back to its roots, use classic style gameplay and make it a PSN and XBL release.

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