The 10 Most Engaging Loading Screens Ever

Loading screens: the bane of every gamer's existence. Oh, the rage that bubbles up inside when “NOW LOADING” or some variant bursts onto the scene. It’s a necessary evil. Until we’ve advanced beyond the dreaded Mass Effect elevators, we’re stuck with these stagnant staples of video game design.

Fortunately, some offer a little diversion – sort of like line entertainment at E3, only without the body odor. With Namco handling the patent for these interactive loading screens, it's not certain we’ll see many more in the future. With that in mind, here are ten of the best examples to date.

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im so glad this year is soon over so we can start having something to discuss in here.......

RogueCheddar2364d ago

TD Overdrive on Xbox had a loading screen you could play Pong on. It was pretty cool.

Sensical2364d ago

Hey, I know we're supposed to punk the Mass Effect elevators, but some of the conversations your companions had in there were priceless. It's why I kept Rex with me everywhere.

Brownghost2363d ago

I prefer elevator rides over loading screens

Dark_Overlord2364d ago

How could they miss out Tekken :/ it had galaga on (and I think Ridge Racer did too)

typikal822364d ago

I can never get the animus' subject 16 part "LOADING" voice out of my head

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The story is too old to be commented.