First images of the South Park RPG (21 images)

Check out the first screenshots and art of South Park: The Game from the developer behind Fallout: New Vegas.

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FlyWestbrook2417d ago

This is gonna be crazay in the best way possible =)

Coffin872416d ago

Rofl, I have never heard about this game, but OMG.. there's a new South Park video game?!?
No matter the genre, count me the f* in!!

TheFallenAngel2416d ago

South park is no where as good as it used to be. Now its all crappy.

keke9612416d ago

@Fallen Angel

Dude why do you have to come in and spoil the fun by adding your useless opinion?

Trebius2416d ago

South park is still amazing lol ....been watching it since day 1 and wont stop watching. Fallen Angel just wants attention...its cool to go against the grain.

killcycle2416d ago

$10 a lay $5 a ****!

South Park Rally & Chefs love shack was great on Ps1, i got faith in this.

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user8586212417d ago

Seems like SouthPark + Castle Crashers

Pikajew2417d ago

It wont be anything like Castle Crashers. It will have combat like the Paper Mario and Mario RPG series

Kahvipannu2417d ago

True, looks like it, tought it will be somekind of RPG.

I have to say I'm happy how the game looks, 2d, and exactly like the tv-serie. Good thing they did not make/force it in 3d.

Kahvipannu2417d ago

I have to say I'm quite hyped for this. I love South Park, if they pull this off right, it could be a masterpiece for us fans.

MorbidPorpoise2417d ago

Sammme, here's hoping for the Cow Launcher to make a appearance!

Kurt Russell2416d ago

Haha - The Cow Launcher! Totally forgot about that.

FlareDReborn2417d ago

Pokemon you've been replaced!!!

Kahvipannu2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

You mean Chipokomon, right? ^^

Excuse me, now I have to go and buy a Shoe.

Sc0pe922416d ago

Really guy? You just had to jump to assumptions when we barely know about the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.