Final Fantasy XIII-2 X Internet Explorer 9 Collaboration Site Opens

Andriasang: Square Enix and Microsoft are holding a cross promotion between Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Internet Explorer 9. Access the special promotion site at
The site includes information about XIII-2 and a Twitter-based mini game where you and a Moogle attempt to "catch" Tweets. You'll need to log in with your Twitter account in order to play the mini game.

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zeal0us2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

Come on Square Enix, IE.... We all know the only thing Internet Explorer is good downloading other browsers.

Could of use
All poorly made jokes put aside, you can access the site without having to use IE

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hkgamer2449d ago

That's strange, was FFXIII even released on xbox360? I think microsoft should just give up on promoting the 360 in Japan, they have done enough to steal exclusives/make them go multi-plat from Sony.

I also heard that a lot of people/companies in Japan are still using IE6/7.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2449d ago

ff is exclusive to the ps3 in japan.

iWishTifaWasReal2449d ago

im really excited about this game but at the same time disappointed. i mean how come the graphics excluding CGI cutscenes doesnt look as good as FFXIII.

is it just only me? :/