The Xbox 360's New Dashboard Is Mostly Awesome

Sometime today the Xbox 360 will finally be getting its third iteration of the dashboard (if it ever releases).

While the console will still be the (mostly) trusty gaming machine you’ve grown to love, the new update brings a host of new features and a much sleeker look than the last dashboard update.

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pangitkqb2416d ago

Looks good. I like the idea of less obtrusive advertising.

BattleTorn2416d ago

i kinda think of it as less, with more.

The Tabloid style allows for more advertising, while being more subtle (or obstrusive).

blumatt2416d ago

Looks great. Kinda resembles the XMB a bit. Not a bad thing though.

I argree with you on that. Less obtrusive advertising so that we don't have them shoved down our throat like they have been. Daggum beef jerky commercials popping up without me even wanting it. I thought I paid $60 for XBL Gold so that I wouldn't have advertising. That's how most paid members are treated on most websites. If you pay, the advertisements are gone. If you don't, you get advertisements.

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SuperSaiyan42416d ago

UK will get it tomorrow now unless it goes live around 12am but I wont be up for that...

m232416d ago

Is anyone having trouble using Daily motion? It keeps giving me an error when I try to play a video. (I'm in Canada by the way)

m232416d ago

Nevermind, its working now. Its a bit clunky, but still cool.

2416d ago