3DS About to Cross Three Million Mark, Mario Kart Sells 420,000 Units

Andriasang: 3DS will soon cross the three million sales mark, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata told Nikkei in an interview yesterday. This will be two weeks ahead of the DS.
Iwata told the paper that the 3DS has regained its vigor following the August price drop and release of major titles. He also explained the phenomenon of high hardware sales and low software sales that we saw in October, saying that players were preparing for the release of upcoming titles.

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darthv722420d ago

shame it gets such hatred. The games that appeal to me are starting to show up so I'm happy.

AdvanceWarsSgt2420d ago

With the way Nintendo systems sell during the Holidays, the 3DS may hit 5 million before the end of December

browngamer412420d ago

Love my 3ds..haters be damned!

eagle212420d ago

Time heals all wounds..... :)

This is for japan only and it's even bigger weeks till january for sales growth in japan. 3DS will probably hit 11 million worldwide by dec. 31st.