Tech Heads: A Link to the Past Review

n 1992, A Link to the Past set the tone for the next decade of Zelda games to come. It introduced many key factors that we love about the gameplay in Legend of Zelda. Challenging puzzles and unique enemies give this game hours of entertainment and definitely allows for re-playability

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CDbiggen2443d ago

Yep, truly an amazing classic. Gotta ask though, why knock a point off? I didn't see any criticisms in the review.

TechHeadsOU2443d ago

I'll get in touch with our editor who wrote the review and see if I can get an answer for you.

Marceles2443d ago

Even after beating Skyward Sword, LttP is STILL my favorite Zelda.

jthamind2443d ago

i haven't played SS yet, but ALttP is my favorite too.

mike1up2443d ago

One of my favorite games. Although I try not to compare it to the 3D titles, ALttP crushes all of the 2D games imo.

--Onilink--2442d ago

my favorite game of all time