VGChartz: European / Others Charts for Week Ending 02nd December 2007

DS 584,637
Wii 244,133
PS2 168,955
PS3 156,681
PSP 112,035
360 104,965
GBA 13,232

Total 1,384,638

Full break down of sales by regin after jump.

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predator3878d ago

isnt it funny that everywhere the english language is spoken the 360 dominates,(usa,uk,Australia and other countries) everywhere else its the ps3. (this is between the ps3 and 360 not the wii otherwise it would be the wii everywhere)

i find that ammusing

Bladestar3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

It's not a coincidence... After the Iraq war and thanks to our President policies everything American has a disabantage. People think that one thing has nothing to do with another and that the Game industry is isolated from what happen in the real world... but there was a time in the US (no long ago) that many French products were banned and the french fries were renamed to freadom fries... What make you think the rest of the world is any different?

predator3878d ago

bladestar what u going on about? because its american only english speaking people will buy it?

riqued3878d ago

Its not about being an american product, the PS brand is just stronger in those countries.

In my country no one had a Xbox or even hear of it. VGs were only PS or Nintendo. But everyone uses a MS computer so its not about being american..

EZCheez3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

What the hell did you just try to say?

And please inform me exactly what French products were banned. I remember the freedom fries crap but not banning products.

And being outsold by roughly 7k isn't exactly what I would call domination.

Vip3r3878d ago

Why do you always bring up polical crap when ever the PS3 outsells the 360. Take a moment to think before you spew up your usual pish.

YoMeViet3878d ago

No French Products were banned, although I do remember a protest where people brought a lot of French wines and pour them into a lake to show their anger. It wasn't much of a protest as they were supporting the French economy by buying their wine and wasted their own money.

It had a bad side-affect too, the day after that happen all the fish in the lake had hang-overs....

pwnsause3878d ago

baldestar, how old are you exactly? you seem to have a brain of a child to think like that.

actas1233878d ago

PS3 and 360 are both manufactured in china. Non of them contributes to the economic well being of either the US or Japan. Unless you are a share holder then you probably shouldn't bother yourself if xbox is selling well or not. By the way, More Americans own shares in Sony than Microsoft. So, if you look at the big picture more Americans are benefiting from Sonys success in the long run than MS success.

AllroundGamer3878d ago

just a little info - Bladestar is a MS shareholder (he confirmed it by himself in an older comment), so it's no wonder he will try to twist it totally in the other way, but deep inside he is already considering to sell his MS stocks :)

gololo3878d ago

wtf were u smoking bladestar???

Genuine3878d ago

I've noticed that aswell. Lol, I think maybe the voice acting in games goes over alot better when the developers and audience all speak the same language. On a personal note, as long as 360's are selling to people that speak english, I'll be happy, it makes voice chat more fun and effective.

Genuine3878d ago

Lol, nice try, but your comment is horsesh*t.

anh_duong3878d ago

bladestar is right - that is why red indians don't buy xbox 360...

barom3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

what? didn't ps3 outsell all other consoles (including the wii) in it's first 6 months in australia? (Wii gaining an edge the next month and then never heard of it again)

rofldings3878d ago

Wow, Bladestar ... Just when I thought you couldn't get any stupider.

Good job.

Lucreto3878d ago

I think Bladestar might be right at one level.

But there is a perception that American products are crap and well the 360 doesn't help in that regard.

With the American economy in its current state Japanese and European will not recieve big profits from the exchange rate. It is nearly 2-1 in pound sterling and 1.47 to a euro.

cmrbe3878d ago

For those that don't know. Americans and Australians are mostly descendants from Anglo-Saxons from the UK which were originally from modern day Germany. So in a sense i do believe that they have similar culture, values, interests and "tastes". If you guys look at movies, music, liteture in the english world. They are mostly dominated by Americans, Australians and british as 1 they have a common native lanuage and 2 they have similar taste in the arts. This is simply a matter of taste than the world hateing American products as some are saying. Come on bladestar. Do you really think the rest of the world are that immature.

SlappyMcTaint3878d ago

Since when did vgchartzzzz become an accurate place for news anyway?! You guys are arguing over an illegitimate (and 360-biased) website. Now that's funny!!

beoulve3878d ago

I don't believe American products are being disparaged in Worldwide perception. I still believe American brand holds better value than Asian brand. That's a no brainer.

However there are some American brand might have exceptional cases. Microsoft OS being plagued with security holes, crashes. General perception of Microsoft brand is not that good. Other brand like Intel, Apple,CISCO still hold their brand values quite firmly.

So if XBOX 360 doesn't sell well in other countries. Don't just simply blame our president or raise the national flag. Look at the product first.

rofldings3878d ago

Also, American cars are a joke. Almost as if they were designed by Microsoft's brilliant engineers.

But yes, American companies that make QUALITY products are not boycotted worldwide just because they're American.

camelio3878d ago


dantesparda3878d ago

come on guys, if that doesnt tell you what an idiot Bladestar is then nothing will. And it was REPUBLICANS that hated on the French and wanted to call french fries, "freedom fries"

It was George V. Voinovich, a republican senator from Ohio who started that freedom fries sh!t. Democrats always thought that was ridiculous. And it was Bill O'Reilly and Fox News (Republicans) who tried to start the boycotts against french products. Of course none of it worked though. And now republicans like France cuz their new President is a big America lover. Politics is even more pathetic then "fanboyism"

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paul_war3878d ago

I find it ammusing that the PS2 is selling as well as it does. I wonder how long in Europe it will continue to outsell the PS3 & 360?

Multigamer3878d ago

next crimbo the next gen systems will be on top, does any1 know how long the first playstation was outselling the ps2 when both were out?

SlappyMcTaint3878d ago

just think of all those people finally buying PS3's in a year or two...

gamesblow3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

I find it amusing the PS3 outsold the xbox 360 by some 50 thousand units. Huhaahhaah~ Also, the U.K numbers show one thing... Ps3 has growth... the xbox 360 doesn't. PS3 is closing the gap in U.K. guys...

Multigamer3878d ago

if u want to be a fanboy about it, how about 2:1 in america (150,000 difference) how about u BLOW on that, also what do u mean growth in the uk, ps3 has never outseld the 360 in the uk since launch.

gamesblow3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Well, lets look at facts... Shall we? Ps3 launched in March of in Europe. They're already at half the install base of the xbox 360... which, by the way... launched over 2 years ago there. So, that's what I mean when I'm talking about "GROWTH" Snork... Have a nice time chewing on that.

Also, that 2:1 figure was already misproven, Terry... you can't be serious, can you?

I love how I'm getting disagreed with here... how can you? These are facts. Ps3 didn't launch in MArch of this year? I'm vauge on this one.. Xbox 360 didn't launch worldwide over 2 years ago? Please... You all are had. Live it down is all you can do now.

Genuine3878d ago

Ps3 might have outsold the 360 in europe as a whole, but it has never outsold the 360 in the U.K.

lonestarmt3878d ago

haha you guys are something else. Geez nit picking at its best. He never said the ps3 out sold the 360 in the UK, he said "closing the gap" and he is right on that.

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whateva3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )


LOL @ the dumbass that disagreed with me get a life.

dale13878d ago

playstation brand spanks 360 on all platforms even without its big hitters in 2008 what happens when they come out if 360 struggles in eu and japan now, later in the year devs will be porting to 360 only ps3 will be the platform of choice its worldwide sales not just the u.s.a that count

HarryEtTubMan3878d ago

The Xbox just isn't Playstation and never will be.