US Internet metered billing may be coming; Steam and Netflix to get hit hard?

At least one major US Internet provider may charge users based on their monthly data usage, according to an analyst. High bandwidth users are likely to get hit hard if the plan ever comes into effect. While Time Warner Cable may be targeting web streamers, those who download digital content from Steam and Amazon will also be unfairly punished as a result.

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zeal0us2442d ago

If it does indeed happen I see some companies losing customers while some companies gaining customers. Seem better on techspy than n4g.

Speed-Racer2442d ago

It does have a huge impact on Steam users. I put it under the tech thread just for that.

zeal0us2442d ago

My bad wasn't paying attention to the headline as you can see.

blumatt2442d ago

And THIS is why OnLive will not catch on for some time. And also why I believe next generation the PS4 will have bluray discs for its games still and have digital download as an option too.

This sucks big time though. We should not be throttled or capped when using internet. Reminds me of back in the day when we were measured by how much time we spent on the internet. I had that crappy WalMart Connect dial-up service and we could only use it for like a couple hours, at a crappy 56k connection. hahaha That really sucked.

Angrymorgan2442d ago

IMO Internet access should be as cheap as possible. Its a vital part of modern living.

darthv722442d ago

It is now but it wasnt at one time.

On topic: ATT I think does this and other will jump on board in a heartbeat. They know people will pay because of the addictive nature of the internet.

Thing is, what does it really cost to transmit data back and fourth? It probably doesnt cost nearly as much as we are lead to believe. Most of the profiteering going on is from the providers because they know they got you over a barrel.

The internet was cheap to begin with. It is still cheap but we dont know that anymore because of supply and demand. Just like how they could turn up the throughput to make speeds super fast but they have to create demand for that and with demand comes higher prices and data monitoring.

There used to be lots of free stuff on the web. but due to the ever increasing demand from users, what once was free has been turned into a way of making $$$ and people will pay.

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gamingdroid2442d ago

I think whoever does this, will have users leave in drove and change their tune in 3-6 months after release.

The only way to make this happen is if the industry in a way colludes or if the "metering" starts high enough that the cap isn't met until far into the future as usage increases i.e. pray on the ignorant public.

By then it will all be too late and the world has already ended in 2012.

Ducky2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Hard to have users leave in drove when your competition is in on it.

That's kind of what happened to Canada. With only like two or three major providers, all of 'em brought the cap. So as a user, you're kind of caught with no-where to run.

It's just a way for them to gouge their customers too, as actual bandwidth isn't THAT expensive.

EDIT: Heh, conflicting comments. =)
There are a few smaller ISPs (such as TekSavvy and Acanac in Ontario) that have gained customers, but they aren't available everywhere.
If you're unlucky to be in a region with no alternative, then you kind of have to get the lube ready.

Darkfocus2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

this is pretty much what occurred in Canada tons of users moved to unlimited access services when bell and rogers put up a cap... their still losing market share too.

edit:at above there's actually lots of internet providers that have no cap but ya the bigger ones put up a cap but that didn't stop others from offering better service at cheaper prices...I live in the middle of nowhere too so there's got to be tons of options in the city's...

Dark_Overlord2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

On the brightside, they may provide a free tub of lube if you're lucky.

Seriously though, companies are constantly raving on about how everything should go digital, with stuff like this happening it won't happen anytime soon

SKUD2442d ago

Exactly. More web content and data caps (at any level) don't mix at all. If this does go mainstream, Disc packaged content is here to stay.

ZombieAssassin2442d ago

Honestly it'll end up hurting the ISP I think in the long run, mainly because someone else can come along and say "Hey those guys have caps on bandwidth...we dont so use our service". I know i'd switch if comcast ever did that, I don't even care if I had to switch to a slower service like DSL.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2442d ago

Its like the big push to get everyone off gas, and switch to hybrids....What happens in winter months when it gets cold, the heating bills go up because of Supply/Demand, the rates for electricity will go up.

Unfortunately this will eventually happen, probably sooner rather than later as you see all phone companies are doing away with the unlimited internet and still clamor to release the newest high end bandwidth hogs and apps to eat it all up. 4g internet means faster internet, which means you will burn through a lot more you tube/porn/music etc...quicker and probably in higher definition which will again increase your useage All these companies nowadays are out to stick it to the customer every way they can and people still bend over backwards to get screwed. When is it gonna stop?

kreate2442d ago

when there is nothing else to extract from consumers. cuz the corporations took it all.

Panthers2442d ago

Well, if demand gets high enough, someone else will come along with unlimited internet and take everyone's business. Its the way capitalism works. We've all had unlimited internet since high-speed internet first appeared. Going backwards will not sit well with most people. And these companies will have some huge backlash to deal with if they choose to limit bandwidth.

MrKingofVideoGames2442d ago

Errm... Bad headline as my ISP is named "US Internet"... I got pretty scared for a minute there

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