PlayStation Blog Teasing New PS3 Exclusive?

The official PlayStation Blog seems to be teasing The Last of Us on their website background, plus an extra image left on their server.

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THC CELL2413d ago

First engine looks like fox engine

Ryo-Hazuki2413d ago

it does look similar to the fox engine demo. It could be a Kojima game

jidery2413d ago

if the first image is in-game footage....oh my

Adva2413d ago

Read the image source.

DonaldBeck2413d ago

dont be playing with me man, dont do it! if its metal gear 5, i will freak out dude.

HeavenlySnipes2413d ago

That's what I thought. That video of the insects set up warning signs. Why were there so many PRAYING MANTIS's?

cloud4952413d ago

I don't thinks so, since MGS: Rising is going to be at the VGAs

FlareDReborn2413d ago

Thats in game....Could it be....a PS3 exclusive that looks better than cant excited to see its reveal.

Sevir042413d ago so we will have to see what's the next cryptic clue will reveal in regards to this game!

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