Mass Effect 3 Story Changed Before It’s Even Begun

Pixels or Death checks out the idea of changing a game's story after a leak and the artistic ramifications of the changes on the game as a whole.

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Dark_Overlord2446d ago

I don't know why, but I believe the leak was whats known as 'accidentally on purpose' especially when Bioware altered the story to feedback from fans. I never read the leak but I heard a lot of people mention their displeasure at what happens to shephard.

"I’d heard Bioware made changes based on response from their fans, which appeared to completely compromise any kind of artistic merit I had previously respected."

Tenkay232446d ago

I didn't read the script because I hate being spoiled. Whatever happens to Shepard I will accept. Mass effect is my favorite ip of this gen (even ahead of Zelda)

AHall882444d ago

Does anyone have a copy of what was leaked? Tried googling it but it's all about the leak and not the leak itself.
I would rather see what was meant to be than something that's likely to be a quick half-assed change so close to the release date.