I download updates more than I play online

TecStories: It saddens me to say this but i really do spend more time downloading updates than playing online games on the PlayStation network. Despite past remarks about a decrease in system updates I've seen a steady increase.

Why do videogame companies like to assume, that gamers have 24/7 access to internet on a 10mbs uncapped ADSL line. There are millions of gamers that have 3 GIG of internet a month or less, that make massive sacrifices to play their favorite games online.

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CynicalVision2119d ago

To be fair, gaming on-line with a bandwidth cap of 3GB a month isn't really the smartest thing to do, going on-line with any platform will eat through that in no time.

Nitrowolf22119d ago

Yep i'll agree. It sucks that ISP have to limit the amount of download a person can have.I have unlimited so it doesn't affect me, but I have a few buddies on my friend list who actually won't buy games from the PS store for a while until they have more download space.

Smartest thing to do would be to look for a better online provider I guess.

sinclaircrown2119d ago

Yup. Sounds to me like he just doesn't play online much. Or is looking for any reason to complain/write an article.

gamingdroid2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Actually 3GB is enough for online gaming, as the amount of data you send and receive during online play is minimal. The DLC though is another matter.

More importantly, does this person have a "fast" connection. Note "fast" and not "bandwidth" which ISP's frequently advertise as Mbps.

Pikajew2119d ago

Best time to download a game or update is when you are sleeping or not around

MysticStrummer2119d ago

As someone who has far from the fastest connection available, I have to say if you spend more time downloading system updates than playing online it's your own damn fault. I don't even see how it's possible to tell the truth.

cervantes992119d ago

Another Drama Queen Article - enough already.

Since updates take only a couple of minutes once a month at most - this person must only play 2 minutes a month online.

fucadastates2119d ago

get psplus. it does it for you when you are not at home, or sleeping.

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