Skyrim — what we’re working on

BethBlog writes: "We want to thank everyone reading this for playing our game and supporting all it tries to do. We wouldn’t have this success without you, and we want you to know we’re committed to making your Skyrim experience even better. And not just in the short term, but over the life of the game. Here’s a quick peek at what we’re working on right now."

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TheBlackMask2484d ago

So much for both versions being the same....Oblivion, Fallout 3, New Vegas and now Skyrim all crap for the PS3

I wonder if they'll have the balls to say both versions of Fallout 4 will be the same.

blackhorsecourier2484d ago

I haven't tried this myself on PS3, however I can say (even if only as a single user) on Xbox and PC I haven't really experienced anything 'show stopping'

Reading some of the reports by PS3 users though it's a very common problem! Not a small one at that!

malol2484d ago

glad to see PC version getting all the love it needs

RedDragan2484d ago

It is a case of the loud minority. If all the people who didn't have problems with any particular game actually commented as such on the internet, then we would be under the illusion that there is no problem at all... such is the way the majority keeps quiet in this circumstance.

Besides, most of these people having issues don't seem to be helping themselves. For instance, commenting here saying stuff like "I ain't buying it until they fix it." or "Nice to see both versions are the same then..."

They are giving them the chance to talk to them, but choose to moan in a place they will not be looking to instead. They should use this opportunity to give the following information:

Hardware Version (PS3? Xbox? ATI HD5870? i7-930?)
Platform Version Number
Skyrim Version Number
A list of all other software installed
A list of all other hardware installed (Mics etc)
If PC... specification of all hardware and firmware versions used

Give the devs all of the information they need and they can then get the issue in their sights and blast it from existence that much faster.

ProjectVulcan2484d ago

PC has been a great experience for me with this game. All this furore i can't help wondering what all the bluster is about. Everyone keeps telling me how PC is such a pain and difficult to work and has all these problems and here i am with pretty much zero issues on this. :-/

Majin-vegeta2484d ago

I Was planning on buying this today but after reading this nope gonna go waste my money on a game that deserves it.If they ever fix it i will buy it down the road but as of now nope.

TheBlackMask2484d ago

I know you shouldn't base you decision on a small thing like this but it's the reason why, even though it's an amaing game, it dosen't have my GOTY's still going to Uncharted 3.

This had too many problems at launch for PC and PS3 users

Batman AC that all that DLC/Catwomen crap...if they won GOTY Rocksteady would do it again for the third Batman....worse

Zelda SS....alright game but again it's Zelda. Same fomular, differen't year. Compared to a game like Skyrim it's pretty empty and has repetitive missions "the go fetch me this" quests.

ZBlacktt2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

You are passing up one of the best games out in a long time. Don't get on the hype wagon. You might just find that it's not even as bad as it's being made out to be. Almost feels like we have Activision hired e-thugs trying to still the thunder from the 2011 Game of the Year game.

As for UC3, I beat that game twice in 3 days and got the plat trophy (normal and crushing ). The story was mixed ( going after a artifact or is this a rescue mission??? ). They left Chloe and Elena out of the game for the most part. Some chapters were nothing like the walk in the sand???? Graphic's were dang good as always. It's just Skyrim is a 100 times more of a game and a experience. With a hell of a lot more to do play wise.

The_Nameless_One2484d ago

Good. The PS3 version is not even worth $10. I don't care how much crap they put in their games if the game does not preform as expected. Just wait for the the version that comes with all the DLC.

AngryTypingGuy2484d ago

I agree with the "hype wagon" comment. In fact for most widespread video game problems,I never seem to experience them. Maybe I'm lucky. My PS3 version works great and I have definitely played long enough to have these problems happen. I'm almost a level 40 character.

Bleucrunch2483d ago

@ ZBlacktt bro it is as bad as everyone says it is on the PS3...The game have frozen on my many many times and I am forced to save constantly because one of my saved game files got corrupt because the game froze during a is very frustrating...I agree with TheBlackMask it cannot get GOTY with all of these problems it is having....remember patches fix current problems and cause other problems...Oblivion is still a buggy game even after all these years...but Skyrim is still a fun game...and the missions can be a bit repetitive...but the dragon fights make up for it.

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DonaldBeck2484d ago

are you joking? oblivion was best on ps3, and the ps3 version of fallout new vegas had better lighting ect and performed better.

on topic, i started to experience lag after 8mg of data being saved, i will wait for the patches for my ps3 version to play it soon. god i hope they fix this issue because this game is remarkable.

Megaman_nerd2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Oblivion bad on PS3?? News to me...

kaveti66162484d ago

Oblivion on PS3 runs at a constant 24 frames per second for me.

Some people think this is really good because it's "cinematic," but I don't think so.

potedude2484d ago

I was about to buy this game too but after reading all the reports I am getting Ico and The shadow of the Colossus instead. Pity, will wait for GOTY edition insetad.

HardCover2484d ago

Not much of a "pity" considering you're opting for a better version at a lower price....

potedude2484d ago

Yeah getting excited about it now. Have heard and read good things, should be here by Friday...

death2smoochie2484d ago

Word of advice:

If you have a PC, BUY all their games on that platform instead of consoles.
THEN wait a few months for them to get most of the issues resolved before you buy their games.

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Son_Lee2484d ago

I never had problems with Fallout 3 or New Vegas on PS3. Wonder if I'll have problems with Skyrim whenever I get it.

SnakeCQC2484d ago

did you buy the dlc with the hillbillies? the first part of the dlc had soooo many frame drops and flat out game crashes

Motorola2484d ago

The GOTY edition of F3 is still unplayable on PS3. Fallout New Vegas and Oblivion are amazing on PS3 though. Oblivion did have an extra year to come out on PS3 though.

Son_Lee2484d ago

Never touched the DLC for either. I haven't gotten close to the end of New Vegas, and Oblivion is good but the broken leveling system ruins it for me.

soundslike2484d ago

people really thought the auto-saving was an issue?


kma2k2484d ago

I played an ungodly amount of hours of fallout 3, oblivion, & new vegas on my ps3 & had very very few problems, other than random freezing. I did not experience any slow downs in any of those 3 games & that was with 200+ hour game saves on them. I cannot comment on skyrim since im playing it on my 360. But it isnt a carry over bug like some people are trying to claim.

svoulis2484d ago

Bethesda was going to fix Skyrim, but then they took an arrow to the knee..

D3mons0ul2484d ago

That has to be the first use of that "meme" to actually draw a chuckle out of me.

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