DICE: "Priority is Balance, not Features"; PS3 input lag complaints and bugs detailed

GB : The Karkand Map Pack is already available for PS3 owners, but behind the scenes, DICE is still doing a lot of fixes to the core game. Alan Kertz, who works at DICE revealed some new things that DICE is tackling right now.

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chriski3332388d ago

Good video now dice u fix this issue

-Alpha2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Mm, sorry, but BF3 was clearly rushed out to beat MW3.

BF3 could have used a couple more months and it would have had the great features DICE promised: Battlerecorder being the main one, but also a fleshed out commando rose

I also am highly disappointed that I can't "shoot out lights" to create dark rooms, which was also hyped. They were clearly under a tight deadline because I'm sure EA was pushing them to release before MW3.

Anyways, balance still needs tweaking, but I am happy that DICE is working so hard to make up for wrongs, and they have been very quick about it. Just wish publishers would give these developers the proper time and effort instead of worrying so much about stealing the few sales from the twitchy COD players just looking for another shooter

n4gisatroll2388d ago

I don't understand why games can't allow you to shoot lights out this gen. Sure there may be a few that allows it, but there are plenty that should have it but don't. I remember when Socom Confrontation came out, I was really mad you couldn't shoot out lights anymore. I mean, come on! It's a last gen feature its nothing new!

Yi-Long2388d ago

... and in many ways I was/am disappointed with the game.

- SP is ofcourse a joke. Now I know Battlefield is all about the MP, but IF you're gonna do a SP, and steal all the stuff from the competition, then at least make sure it at least equals that quality.

- The maps for the MP are mediocre, and too small. I'm sorry, but I much prefer the Battlefield 2 maps, and the 1943 maps. They're just more fun to play.

- The Back to Karkand mappack is, at first glance, excellent (just played it). Much better than those maps which are included in the main game... which just means they didn't try hard enough with the main game, considering you have to spend extra money to get the quality maps.

That's just ridiculous and disrespectful to those who bought your game!

- What's with the damage-engine? How come the trees are made of unbreakable rubber?

Etc etc.

Listen, it's Battlefield, so it's a good game, and I trust Dice to keep working at it and making it better, but the days of buying these games on day 1 are absolutely over.

767 MB for a 'PATCH'!?!? Seriously now, you need to be joking...!?

Panthers2387d ago

Yea, it would have been so much better if they just never made the SP and focused on MP. Its a battlefield game for crying out loud.

FAGOL2388d ago

It sucks but EA has to. You say it's a few sales but in the eyes of EA's shareholders it's alot more. If EA doesn't keep the shareholders happy then it means less investment. The same is with Activision.

It's a flawed system where money influences most decisions. It's sad when you think about how the gaming industry will be like in the future.

BigDog552387d ago

If Gamers were shareholders I bet they would have a different attitude!

SJPFTW2388d ago

shoot out lights so you can camp in a corner? no thanks i rather have balance

Killzone3Helghast2387d ago

That's what flashlights are for you dingus

besides who said I want to camp in /THAT/ corner anyways?

n4gisatroll2388d ago

The priority should always be on balance and not features. I hate when a game has a billion things to choose, but there are some weapons that are over powered compared to the rest of them. Or a perk which allows an overpowered weapon to be reloaded faster or have more ammo.

BeaArthur2388d ago

If you were concerned about balance then why did you allow all mines to appear on the mini-map. What kind of balance is that?

Avernus2388d ago

People were saying that the input lag was fixed? Wow...clearly they don't know what input lag is. It's still there.

DICE said recently they don't know what's causing it, but they continue to work on it.

Nice way to say "we don't care right now, so we'll fix it when we feel to." Why does it feel so different to the beta?

Gamer-Z2388d ago

I know right but its not just the input lag its also the entire game for some reason feels different than the beta and it was the beta that got me hooked, now i miss the beta Lol.

SJPFTW2388d ago

im glad you enjoyed falling though the ground at random

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