Gamesradar's Review of PAIN: "hands-down one of the best things ever to hit the PS3"

Gamesradar's Review of PAIN: "hands-down one of the best things ever to hit the PS3"

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techie3911d ago

Gamesradar = A JOKE. Re-review Uncharted you money grabbing eejits. Enjoy your nice pay packet from Ubisoft after your early perfect review of Assassin's Creed? Peh, journalism needs a kick up the back side.

mighty_douche3911d ago

well until The Times/Guardian start reviewing games i think this is what we're stuck with. Not that i mind, i dont trust/use reviews anyway.

Evilninja3911d ago

Yeah, totally. These so-called "journalists" need to stop basing their reviews on firsthand experience and start scoring games based on what people who haven't played them yet are going to think.

MaximusPrime_3911d ago

Pain is not one of the game i would enjoy. im not forced to buy it.

1m just waiting for Uncharted that ive preordered. ;)

mighty_douche3911d ago

BRING IT TO THE F*CKING UK..... im tired of playing second best to the bloody US.

EZCheez3911d ago

It's a good game and all but when you play it it feels unfinished. At the beginning of the game there are only two characters (one to unlock) and one level. You should hope that when they release it over there they give you more stuff. Seriously, they charged people the day after the game came out for extra Christmas characters.

This game is just a bunch of microtransactions waiting to happen, and I'm wondering just how much the "entire" game will cost.

Afterburn3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

I can see the differences in languages all over EU holding some releases back, (official reason I'm told) but I see no valid point for not releasing UK games the same day as the US. I'm pretty sure you guys can speak English.

mighty_douche3911d ago

ive actually read some of your comments in other Pain threads and i got to admit, its not quite what i was hoping for, ill still pick it up for a few laughs or for when i have 5 minutes to kill.

my anger mainly stems from the EU always being behind the US, obviously i understand the language problems they face here in EU but i should be able to buy it off the US store.

anh_duong3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

you can use a UK mastercard to add credits onto your us account. as for us games just use movietyme they take 3/4 day delivery. no need to wait for anything - ever again..

EZCheez3911d ago

The game is fun. It's a lot of fun. It just doesn't feel like the whole package if you know what I mean.

Korosuke3911d ago

agree...all the games come to the US first.

Is this game like crash mode in Burnout ?

DemiseofPandas3911d ago

Yeah pretty much, but at least it offers 6 different gameplay modes. My personal favorite is bowling with with my friends, because the second player gets the opportunity to screw up the others toss.

WeaseL3911d ago

I live in the UK and have had this and Uncharted since last week FTW

Korosuke3911d ago


Thx for the info =D

You could get a Pain...US store refused my credit card. maybe it's because my billing adress is not US.
Come on sony, hurry to bring the PSN card worldwide.

Maldread3911d ago

Some of my fear for Sony`s online plans is stuff like this.

That you get games that should`ve included more stuff to begin with, but you have to buy the content it should have on the disc. It dosn`t matter if they`re fun or cheep like this, i don`t like the though of buying so much content. As in the case of Motorstorm and Warhawk, the expansions you have to pay for should have been in the game.

I just glad Sony at least dropped the whole Grand Turismo idea they had, were you had to buy "every" car and track. Wonder how many grand (and Grand Turismos) that would`ve cost you ;)

WeaseL3911d ago

I just entered any US address instead of a UK one on my Mastercard and it worked.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

it`s not a "full package" it`s $10, by the time you get all the D/L content, it`ll be a "full package" and will probaly end up costing you 3/4 of what a retail game would cost?

for $10 it`s a steal.

by the time it becomes "full game" it`ll be GREAT for the price you`ll get it for.


if Uncharted also only cost $10. YES, Pain would be a rip off.

MikeGdaGod3911d ago

it's not as great as they're making it sound.

if they feel that way about this game, they must LOVE all the other dl games like Calling All Cars, Tekken:DR and SuperStarDust.

Korosuke3911d ago

Thanks for the tips.
Yeah, I tried US address and my real address, but they didn't work.

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name3911d ago

Until playtv comes to the US, UK people can never complain, ever.

Korosuke3911d ago

I suggest you should learn the reply function.

beast3911d ago

I want singstar and PES.... still waiting :-(

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