Gamer Working On Battlefield 3 GUI Overhaul

A user over at the Battlelog forums has revealed his plans to create a complete GUI (Graphics User Interface) overhaul for Battlefield 3.

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Criminal2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

DICE should really look at what this guy created. He's talented.

xtremexx2200d ago

looks pretty good doesnt it :D

SnakeCQC2199d ago

wow what is with the latest trend in modders doing the work of the multi million pound game makers!

Ducky2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

It's a pity that most of these stuff aren't in the game at launch.
They're pretty obvious additions too... such as the map showing you the flag's name.

Only problem with this UI is that it wouldn't work too well for small resolutions. It's probably why DICE went with the current GUI in order to be able to use it for both consoles and PC.

f7897902199d ago

I'd like a smaller chat window. With a 23.6" monitor I don't need it hogging the entire top right.

Waddy1012199d ago

This article is a bit mis-leading, it says that someone is working on giving BF3 a complete graphics overhaul when in reality he made concept art of it in a proposition to Dice to create it.

However the UI itself looks brilliant, i wouldn't mind using that myself.

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