Why has Ubisoft clung to it’s unfair, unjustified DRM for so long? Does it do more harm than good?

Mariel Hurd argues that Ubisoft's DRM policy is not just disproportionate, but that it could also be a lost cause entirely - asking DRM costs Ubisoft, and concluding that it's unjustified and unfair to paying customers.

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jjdoyle2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

One word. Money.

Darkfocus2445d ago

you mean money that it's been steadily declining since implementing it's draconian DRM measures?

ZombieAssassin2445d ago

I don't even get why they do it, don't people just release cracks to bypass it? I know if I bought one of their games and I was getting screwed because of it i'd look for a crack.

Dark_Overlord2445d ago

I remember when MS released XP service pack 2, my Dungeon Keeper 2 refused to load (the SP blocked all Safedisc 2 protected games I own) so had to resort to using a crack.

Theres nothing wrong with cracks, they're perfectly legal. Its the cracking of the software thats illegal :)

Somebody2445d ago

Ubisoft DRM effects : There are no Ubisoft games (from March 2010 until now) in my PC.

I'm using a crack for my legally bought Singularity since I find it a hassle to insert to disc (and swapping it to play another game). What's the point of wasting gigabytes of hard disk space and time installing the game if it still depend on the disc to play it.

The latest one to use this is Batman Arkham City. Doesn't matter if I a valid account with GFWL, I still have to put the freaking disc in. Quite a hassle indeed. Rocksteady is lucky that their game rocks.

hazelamy2445d ago

because they consider ownership to be a concept that only applies to them.
they don't want us to actually own the games we buy.