5 Things That Uncharted Game Director Looks for in an Action/Adventure Game

Newsweek's Make or Break series asks prominent developers and reviewers to share the five key features, details, methods or flaws that they look for from games in the same genre.

The newest contributor is Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig, whose resume includes stints at Electronic Arts (as an artist/animator and game designer), Eidos (as director for several acclaimed titles like Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, and Legacy of Kain: Defiance) before joining Naughty Dog in 2003, where she directed Jak 3. Her most recent title, the Playstation 3 game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, launched last month to strong reviews. and in today's installment, Hennig explains what she looks for in an action/adventure game.

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MK_Red3947d ago

Amy Hennig rules. Soul Reaver rules. Uncharted rules.
OMG, I didn't know she directed Jak 3. Gotta get it a finish it. Nice find and read :)

mighty_douche3947d ago

im afraid not! DIZZY THE EGG FTW!!

Mr_Kuwabara3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )


I loved that game XD. I still have it though. OMG dude you gave me a Nostalgic flashback!

+ Bubbles

Relientk773947d ago

easily the best action/adventure game on the PS3

it is addicting not to mention amazing

stuntman_mike3947d ago

do you think she liked bioshock lol she mentioned it enough, i havent played bioshock yet hopefully will someday if i get a 360 or supe up my pc.

im getting drakes fortune this saturday cant wait, the amount of times i played that demo feels ike ive played the whole game.

AshleyRiot3947d ago

@1 agreed love Amy Hennig legacy of kain/soul reaver series. Glad she's working with ND. Fun fact for people that like those games and Uncharted and didn't know Gabriel Roman=KAIN.(voice actor)

stuntman_mike3946d ago

did you know that the guy who does drakes voice does desmonds in assassins creed too.

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