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If there's one genre that's oversaturated at the moment it's the first-person shooter. And if you want to get even more precise, it's the WWII themed first-person shooter. Despite this, Codemasters and Spark Unlimited are hard at work on Turning Point, a WWII shooter with a difference. caught up with Senior Producer Dave Brickley to get the latest on the game. The game is next-gen and PC only. Did you ever consider the merits of a Wii version?

Dave Brickley: This is the start of a franchise which can evolve really in any direction we choose to take it, into any genre or time zone. If we did a Wii version, it would exploit that opportunity in a way that was most appropriate to the unique aspects that machine offers. Given the sheer processing grunt needed to render a collapsing New York though, and the level of spectacle we wanted for Fall of Liberty, it wasn't really the most appropriate platform for this title.

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MK_Red3943d ago

The game had potential but after seeing the new gameplay vids and demo build, I was really disappointed. Not only the gameplay felt dated, the visuals were actually pretty bad and aside from few shaders and heavy bloom, it looked like an HD PS2 game.