Koch gains 360 certification

Koch Media has announced that it has received certification from Microsoft to publish titles on the Xbox 360 platform, and plans to release two games in Europe in the future.

Those titles will be Warhammer: Battle March and Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel, although no further details on game content or possible release schedule were announced.

Managing director of Koch, Dr Klemens Kundratitz, said of the move: "As one of the largest software publishers in the European region, we consider releases for Xbox 360 to be more and more important."

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cloud360-7th_account3732d ago

I see microsft are just porting all game on PC to xbox.

FirstknighT3732d ago

Oh yes...more and more developers are jumping in.

The 360 is a true gamerz dream! No excuses here.

DarkSniper3731d ago

Microsoft is doing no more than picking up the leftovers that were left by Sony Computer Entertainment©.

The XBOX has garnered the imaged of being no more than a glorified Personal Computer console. So it is no surprise that they would aggressively acquire studios to develop games that no one will play on their 360. Due to the fact their PC's will suit as the proper gaming machine for their needs.

Only on the PLAYSTATION 3© console will you find award winning games from NCSoft such as City of Heroes and many more MMORPG's that are tailor-made to suit the platform. The time is now to jump out and Play B3yond.


InMyOpinion3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

At least we don't have to install our games before we play them. And hey, the 360 has online, PS3 has...Linux? We get more games while you have to settle with empty promises from Jack Tretton & co. Go wait in the corner, 2008 or whatever isn't here yet. No fun for you. Mass Effect, Bioshock and Halo 3 for me.

Bladestar3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I sense... this announcement is killing you inside.. you and cloud360-7th_account up there...

"leftovers that were left by Sony " lol.. Sony only wish it had the installbase of PC gamers... One game have a larger installbase than the entire PS3 installbase... WOW alone...

It causes you pain knowing that the xbox 360 platform is familiar to PC game developers that it only make sense to expand their market into the console arena.... I hope microsoft works hard tobring WOW and Second Life to the xbox 360.. specially now with the chatpad...

"The time is now to jump out and Play B3yond." wha a contracdiction... as a PC gamers.. the PS3 has nothing that can possibly interest me... hell the pS3 does not even have an MMO or RTS...
Specially now that PC developers are starting to bring their games to the xbox 360 like C&C do you actually think that PC gamers will "jump out and Play B3yond"? right... dream on fanboy.

Remember.. that PC gamers can buy a blu-ray drive if that ever interest them...

fanboyssuck3731d ago

How is Linux running on your PS3 right now? You say the 360 is a computer yet you can swap in a hard drive run linux and have a keyboard and mouse.

DarkSniper3731d ago

Linux shows the versatility of the PLAYSTATION 3© home entertainment console.

It further proves that Sony has developed their console with a long term state of mind. The advantage of owning a PS3 is that gamers have "the choice" of transforming their PLAYSTATION 3© to a PC capable machine.

For XBOX 360 owners, the cost of having "the choice" to upgrade the system halfway up to what a PS3 can do will cost you over the price of the actual PLAYSTATION 3© console itself.


Boink3731d ago

you kill me.

tell me, how much does it cost you to get sony PR people to write your responses?