If you could would you make Gaming a sport?

Now would you take gaming one step further from MLG and make it a global sport, even an event at the Olympic games? If gaming is becoming such a large part of our life isn't it right that we can compete on a Global Level country vs country. Instead of the 100m final being the spectacle could it be the 4v4v4v4 squad death match on Battlefield 3?

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CDbiggen2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Major League Gaming huh? News to me, but sounds tremendously boring.

Tonester9252268d ago

No. Everyone will try to play that sport. Therefore they would stay home, stare at the tv screen ALL DAY (They have to practice right lol), and get fat.

Venox20082268d ago

No.. game is meant for relaxing and getting fun

aznrunner18812267d ago

>Implying sports are never relaxing and fun

MaxXAttaxX2267d ago

Sports can be fun. But they also require physical activity.