Warhawk: Omega Dawn facts and screens from Sony

Sony sent out a bunch of screenshots and a little fact sheet for the first rumored and then confirmed Warhawk booster pack.

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mighty_douche3432d ago

more multiplayer madness for ps3 owners : )

Killjoy30003432d ago

first rfom map pack n ow this....sweet cant wait to get my hands on it but i need a damn credit card....anyone here mind giving it to me? lol

mighty_douche3432d ago

sorry mate but i think ill keep mine thanks.

i might be wrong but cant you buy "top up" style cards from game shops?

Bleucrunch3432d ago

sorry killjoy I guess u either have to give the money to someone and then pay for it using there card or just wait for the psn cards to come out.

prunchess3432d ago

I hope at some stage we get an update with some new weapons. A shotgun and a few diferent bombs like the MOAB maybe?

Vip3r3432d ago

Shotguns would be a great weapon but how would select it from the dpad menu?

Panthers3432d ago

Good point. They need a completely different way of doing that. I think they need to redu the character mode all together.

Bits-N-Kibbles3432d ago

double tap up down left or right on the d-pad

chasegamez3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

warhawk rules

rayc00133432d ago

Yeah i think you can start using the pre paid sony cards now on the PS3

GodsHand3432d ago

I like the ability to transport vehicles, just hope those things are not to weak, and have the ability to have other's manning the guns.

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The story is too old to be commented.