FIFA 08 first to one million sales this year

EA's latest in the FIFA franchise becomes the first game released in 2007 to reach one million sales at UK retail.

EA has today announced that FIFA 08, the latest and possibly greatest title in the long-running series, has become the first title released in 2007 to reach one million sales at UK retail.

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mighty_douche3942d ago

but PES08 is [email protected], so is Fifa really so.... Gamers FTL.

The_Engineer3942d ago

to say "PES pwns FIFA" every year but this time I think Konami got its ass handed to it by "be a pro" mode. After the patch you can now be a pro online too. I see the games fill up quick no matter what time of day or night it is. They have a hit on their hands with FIFA 08. Im not generally a fan of EA sports but this is EA canada we're talking about and not the same wankers putting out crappy PS3 ports.

both versions run about the same with the PS3 version edging out the 360 in one in smoothness of gameplay, not to mention that the sixaxis is WORLDS better than the 360 controller for the finesse this game requires.

LSDARBY3942d ago

Fifa is good on next gen consoles but PES rules last gen consoles.

resistance1003942d ago

Not really, you have to take into account that FIFA has been out on all platforms for over a month longer than PES. The PSP/DS/Wii versions of pes aren't out yet either. Comparing PES and FIFA sales at this stage isn't really a fair comparason IMO

no_more_heroes3942d ago

It does feel a little slowish at first but that feeling quickly went away the more I played the game. I just can't get to grips with having to press so many buttons at the same time and trying to keep up with my friend, who absolutely owns (once he choses Barcelona you've lost before the match even starts no matter who you pick). Another thing, does anyone know what that fireball thing beside Man Utd. is? I have no clue what it means and the fact that its beside them and no one else annoys me (no points for guessing who I support in the EPL then).

Elite-uk3942d ago

It represents if two clubs are rivals, although it seems not to appear when Newcastle (who i support) is pitted against either sunderland or middleborough, which is a bit stupid!.

killer_trap3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

this game pales in comparison to PES 2007. ironically PES2007 was the worst one i've played in years but it's still better than fifa.

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The story is too old to be commented.