CEO of Major League Gaming Hints At New Xbox Next Year

Loud Mouthed Gamers: Earlier today, Sundance DiGiovanni, the CEO of Major League Gaming tweeted about next year’s circuit regarding Call of Duty.

UPDATE: Another possibility is that MLG could be switching from the Playstation 3 as the console of choice for the Call of Duty tournaments. While other sources are reporting rumors which would involve cross-console play, allowing for those on Xbox to play against those on Playstation 3.

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aviator1892416d ago

I doubt it's referring to a new xbox. It probably just means that the MLG is looking to the xbox 360 as the standard platform for circuit matches.

BabyTownFrolics2416d ago

why not just contact him, ask for a clarification, and then decide to write an article about it based on that information.

Frankfurt2416d ago

This news... they're nothing. Oh, he said "X" oh wow...

2416d ago