MS cagey on telly content

Eurogamer writes:

"Microsoft has skirted around future plans to add television content to the European Video Marketplace.

We will be given new treats as time goes on, according to word-shaped noise from a spokesperson, but it was unwilling to comment specifically on series' from the telly."

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mighty_douche3943d ago

as far as i know its not filmed in HD. plus they are on Gran Turismo TV so i doubt you'll see them on the 360 anytime soon.

predator3943d ago

@mighty_douche - i woudnt say that becasue its on sony's machine it wont be on live, i see a lot of sony bmg music videos on live also sony films advertising. from what i beleive GT has rights to show them on GT TV but not exclusive rights that it can only be shown on GT TV, the BBC would not of done that

predator3943d ago

i hope they dont just limit us to uk tv programs, yeah having top gear and faulty towers and so on would be great but also having 24 and heros in hd would awsome to

mighty_douche3943d ago

anyone have any ideas as to how long it will take to download a HD movie?

bumnut3943d ago

with our crap broadband speeds, about 2 days

i download off torrent sites and good quality hd films are 6-8 gig

you will not be able to play online while downloading so my guess of 2days is allowing for some online play

mighty_douche3943d ago

but if it takes ages its pointless. ill have to plan watching a movie 2 days in advance. plus leaving your 360 switched ON which could be risky.

TheMART3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Douche don't know where you have your internet connection from but...

Average in the Netherlands is 4Mbit at least at the moment. There are many new offers that have standard 20Mbit.

The movie downloads on XBL will be around 5 GB with 4Mbit that'll be what, 3 hours downloading or so. On 20Mbit it'll be there in no time.
And just stop with that PS3 fangirl crying over leaving a 360 on.

mighty_douche3943d ago

it doesnt matter if you have 1 or 100meg connectiuon, its all dependent on the speed the host server gives you. for example, i have 10meg cable, but if i download say a hotfix from the offical M$ site do i get 10meg? no.

im not "cry" about leaving the 360 on, im basically stating that means you will have to leave it on will its downloading.

predator3943d ago

if its anything like how big demos download it will take a couple of hours, depending on how many people are also downloading the same movie. thats my guess for 5-6 gig.

kewlkat0073943d ago

doesn't the Xbox have a feature where you can turn off the xbox 360 and the downloads continue as long as you network connection is not interrupted?

I don't think you would have to leave it on either way...

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Multigamer3943d ago

it wont take that long to download