Final Fantasy XIII-2 Environment Video

Have a look at some of the environments and fields you'll encounter in Final Fantasy XIII-2 through this new video that Square Enix released today.

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PshycoNinja2418d ago

Oh god, here we go.

FYI I didn't like Final Fantasy XIII for many reasons as I have outlined in the N4G Blogs

And trust me I wanted to like the game so bad. I really did. But the game tied my hands and made me not want anymore. I just hate being called a hater for a game I clearly wanted to like. I just do not care for the world, story or the characters. And I'll say it again Square did not listen to the fans. I watched the new Qore episode with XIII-2 and it seems very clear that Square only listens to the fans that praise them. Instead of taking constructive criticism Square thinks that everything they did was good and only needs a few improvements.

Anyways getting off topic, I really hope everyone who buys the game likes it and isn't disappointed. I really do. It is just that with what Square is saying, it sounds like they really aren't listening to what fans are saying or asking for. And if I have been getting that feeling in the past few years and even now, I don't think Square is listening and still have not learned their lesson.

FACTUAL evidence2418d ago

Why weren't cities in FF13 again?.......This looks like DLC for 13. I wouldn't say 13 was bad, but a 5 years wait on it? Yeah it wasn't worth it.

dendenmooshi2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

What exactly are you ranting about?

To understand Final Fantasy 13, you gotta understand who it's trying to appeal to. It was trying to appeal to Japanese audiences. So much that it managed to alienate the Western population. A single western character, Sazh, wasn't going to help it.

But now to say that the Final Fantasy 13 team hasn't been listening is wrong. They obviously are. They inputed towns, decisions, time travel. So i'm not exactly sure what you're reaching for here. They're listening, but there's a point where you shouldn't be listening to the fans any more. If they acted based on fans, they'd still be wasting their time on FF7 right now.

The idea behind the sequel was that there was a lot of ideas that weren't included in the original, and they just didn't want to scrap it. So now they're building on what they had. Whether or not they are building on a failure isn't relevant because they've spent so much time working on FF13 that it'd be a waste to throw it all away just to move on to the next installment. In a business stand point this makes sense. They realize that they can't take 5 years to release a game. So they made this game in 2 years.

But the video is good. I'd say that it looks better than what they did in the original.

Clarence2418d ago

The game looks...... boring.

Ddouble2418d ago

The Environments looks much better than XIII