The evolution of Xbox and 360 dashboards

Microsoft will release a new dashboard for Xbox 360 today. Videogameszone takes a look at the evolution of Xbox and Xbox 360 dashboards.

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SuperSaiyan42328d ago

That image brings back some great memories, back when Xbox had really great games and awesome live titles and it was all fun without the insane drama and nonsense that plagues onling gaming today.

Focus2328d ago

You mean not getting hacked, not having scumbags have your personal details and not being able to play online for a month? *sigh* Yeah, those were the good ol days. . .oh wait, thats everyday :) no drama at all.

ArronC072328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

I see your hack troll and raise you a RRoD and online tax, no system is perfect and both have drawbacks and positive.

Games are what matter at the end of the day, not silly little fanboy wars.

ryhanon2328d ago

I think what he was getting at was: "back when it was a niche sort of thing that mostly adults with jobs used - you know, people who are generally more respectful and pleasant to play with" - I don't think he was trying to take a jab at any particular console.

If I interpreted that correctly then I couldn't agree with him more.

crxss2328d ago

not gonna lie but the new dashboard is a lot better than before. the dashboard feels a lot zippier now than before, also gives "blades" kind of feeling with being able to use the RB and LB which i like. and yes there were like 1-2 second load times before when opening anything but they're almost absent now.

Neko_Mega2328d ago

Someone lost their focus, don't know. Last time I heard XBL was being hacked and Microsoft wouldn't do anything about it.

But they just care about your money, why should they care about you?

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evilunklebud2328d ago

What the hell are you talking about?? Last I checked it was my PSN account that got fried.

SuperNerd2328d ago

yea dude it was down 4 a while

egidem2328d ago

At least the Xbox had some cool incremental UI redesigns...Sony fans get little to nothing in terms of UI overhauls. I mean the XMB still looks almost the same as when the PS3 launched; but the dashboard looks very different.

kb8mvp812328d ago

thats too many changes imo if it aint broke dont fix it.

Disccordia2328d ago

The xmb is broke. IMO of course.

egidem2328d ago

@Disccordia -

In some aspects, it still feels sort of unfinished. I do love the speed that it employs though. It is one hell of a snappy interface though.

However, the in game one is the exact opposite. Loading up friends, reading messages or god forbid comparing trophies can be a PAIN sometimes. You'd think that trimming up that entire in-game UI would be an idea the Sony gurus would've came up with long ago. Still some stuff to fix:

-Easy one push button to reply to messages.
-Backing out of a message should throw me back to the message list, not XMB (this happens in game)
-One push button to exit ENTIRE XMB regardless of where I am : If I'm comparing trophies and looking at an individual trophy, I should get back to the in game screen without a hassle of going back through menus!
-A new UI overhaul/redesign is not a necessity, but it would be very welcome :)

Cajun Chicken2328d ago

That dashboard was just awesome. I also loved the strange ambient chatter when you went in and out of each menu.

Droid Control2328d ago

The original Xbox dashboard was the best. Super hardcore. Not like todays casual pleasing white-wash rubbish.

aviator1892328d ago

"casual pleasing?"
Yes, it may be more friendly, but it's made finding content much more easier and faster. Trust me, I loved the original menus, but it was such a pain finding the stuff you wanted in the marketplace. Also, the new dash is just so visually appealing. :D

-Alpha2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

I didn't like the update with the avatars and the big square blocks that you scrolled through, it was really tacky.

But the Kinect-enabled Ui is soooo sexy and sleek

maniacmayhem2328d ago

That dashboard brings back my old QA days....aaaaah working 60 hours a week just so the engineers and producers could get their bonuses.

Good times.

e-p-ayeaH2328d ago

The original dashboard was pretty awesome to look at.

spicelicka2328d ago

yeaaaaa it was just so classic

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