Despite Bugs, Skyrim Players Vow to Continue Supporting Bethesda

Users show continued support for Bethesda, even after the bugs/glitches of Skyrim and Fallout.

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WolfLeBlack2239d ago

I know there's bugs and glitches, and many of them simply shouldn't have gotten through testing. Others are understandable due to the amount of various elements within the game that have to work together; trying to test out all the variants would have been incredibly hard.

But the real question is this: have the bugs and glitches spoiled my enjoyment of the game? Do I love it anyway? Yup.

papashango2239d ago

I vowed to support bethesda, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

Army_of_Darkness2239d ago

Your stupid. Every game they made on the ps3 is always an inferior piece of shit compared to the 360 and pc version. If you play any of their games, then play final fantasy 13, omg! The production value, quality and nearly glitch free game kills Bathesda games hands down! Its embarrassing really! Sure skyrim has a better story than final fantasy 13, but that's where it ends.

guitarded772239d ago

Anyone who expected a Bethesda game to not have issues at launch is a moron.

jaosobno2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

You obviously haven't played PS3 version.

Do I support bethesda after I payed 60$ for a broken game - HELL NO.

Is bethesda on top of my "worst&laziest developers of all time" list - HELL YES.

I can imagine that X360&PC players tolerate this piece of lazy ported crap, but PS3 players should boycott all future bethesda products unless this matter is resolved promptly.

To think I ordered the game after they said (lied) that performance issues were resolved makes me sick.

WolfLeBlack2239d ago

It comes down the your own experience with the game. In 70 hours of play, on a 360, I've not actually encountered many proble,s bar the ones caused by the recent update.

Most I had was AI doing a few wierd things, and a few instances of a dead body glitching through the floor.

Brawler2239d ago

Is Skyrim a great game - YES
Is it broken as hell - YES

Skyrim is a great game I own it for pc it really blows when you playing it and all of a sudden you get a crash to desktop no error just straight up closes on you, and you lose all the time and data. Bugs like this shouldn't happen ever. I feel for ps3 owners as the game gets worse as you play.

MysticStrummer2239d ago

I've got 136 hours on the PS3 version. When my save file got to 10mb I started getting the infamous lag problem, but if I saved/quit/continued it would go away for a couple of hours. After the patch it seems better but I still save/quit/continue to fix the lag that does still happen. The only other glitches I've seen in that 136 hours are finished quests that don't disappear from my log, one stationary dragon hovering in the sky, and townspeople who appear in my house when I do if they are nearby when I go through the door. Hardly gamebreaking issues. I had more serious glitch problems with Dead Island than with Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Skyrim combined.

SephirothX212239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Tbh I haven't experienced many bugs so far on pc. I'm playing on ultra settings. The random exits to the desktop have been the only annoying thing so far apart from the stupid companion ai and the occasional dragon refusing to give up its soul. Bugs don't seem to bother me as much as they do others. Its an open world game after all with a huge amount of freedom and possibilities in regard to what order players do things. Though I do think they should have more testers test the game and for longer.

It seems the PS3 version is the only one that can be unplayable. My experience with the 360 version was also fine. Lazy porting. Bethesda should have learned how to develop for PS3 by now. Lead develop for PS3 and things will be a lot better. Otherwise, you're putting the cart before the horse.

iamnsuperman2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

It is bad to say but its all about favouritism. Some of the glitches should never be present in games. I understand that games come with bugs especially big games like this but the major ones just shouldn't be present at all. Skyrim is a good game but it just feels like Bethesda haven't bothered checking/ testing the game. Gamers shouldn't vow support but nor should they go all out with hate. The need to make sure Bethesda actually check their games properly before release. Not many developers get nice remarks about buggy games and Bethesda is lucky here.

TopDudeMan2239d ago

A game that big is gonna have bugs and patching them is a huge task... Give them a break.

DarkTower8052239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Sorry but the biggest problem right now for PS3 players is the frame rate dips. That's not a bug or glitch, that's poor porting skills that Bethesda apparently has never gotten right. It's not like PS3 players don't buy their games either, they sell very well. So it's not a time spent on PS3 vs profit, it's laziness. Personally, I love their games, but I won't buy them new, I plan on getting Skyrim when the used prices drop.

cyntell2239d ago

I used to own fallout 3 for my ps3 but the bugs and frame rate drops killed my experience. Now that I have a 360 also I would only get their games for it.

ryhanon2239d ago

If all they had to do was patch issues that are little more than a minor inconvenience I'd agree with you. The reason so many people are angry though (especially PS3 players) is because the issues are NOT minor inconveniences. The game is quite literally unplayable for many people.

The anger people have over this is only intensified because the same problem (albeit to a lesser extent) existed with both Fallout 3 and NV. This has been an issue for a LONG time and the fact that it remains unaddressed to this day, across 3 major releases, is inexcusable.

Crystallis2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

I absolutely agree. You would think Bethesda would get their act together after the fallout mess but no. Releasing game after game after games riddled with bugs is inexcusable. Why not just release the game on the 360 (which has problems also)? NO, they want the money for all 3 platforms and the game performs poorly on all 3 platforms. Now I know why they didn't release any video on the ps3 or PC.

Now, its not to say skyrim is a horrible game...when it plays correctly, but this is just madness. Ive said this many times, Bethesda is about 30min from my location as I reside in Virginia. Ive had the nerve to walk in their headquarters and slap every last one of them. Releasing a game with this many bugs show incompetence and should not be tolerated.

TopDudeMan2239d ago

I haven't had any problems. I have noticed some really minor slowdown, but that's about it.

JsonHenry2239d ago

Luckily I did not have any game breaking bugs when I played through Skyrim. But I understand the frustration of those that did.

soundslike2239d ago

Same here.

My experience has been 99% smooth sailing.

If you got a problem, you could have a word with my Dremora...


nihonlight2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Not me.
Its almost 2012. Releasing games with that many bugs is unacceptable.
They even released a barley playable ps3 version knowing fully well it wouldn't work.
If any other game released performed like this.....
Well people sometimes are just to complacent.

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