GameDecider - An Inside Look

"Social networking has grown year on year thanks to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and the more blog based Tumblr. In fact it’s grown so much that it is now the biggest section of the internet, and the highest revenue part of it too! Other than the slightly limited, but quite handy, Raptr there isn’t a social network for gamers. Sure we have the forums on developer sites, or on mod communities, heck we may even have some solidarity over the wonders of youtube video comments! Luckily enough for us, a new website has emerged, and is still evolving, GameDecider."

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ShadyDevil2420d ago

The site sounds pretty cool but they have a lot to live up to with the few sites who have been around for a while.

MajorGeneral2420d ago

I'm currently a member and it is just well EPIC!