Xbox Dashboard Update Delayed

Major Nelson: "FYI: The timing for Xbox 360 dashboard update has been slightly delayed. I’ll have a status update later today".

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SuperSaiyan42241d ago

Well it is a pretty big update however not all the features will be out today/tomorrow. They will be rolled out over December and early 2012.

Vielar2241d ago

Aye, it's just interesting that it's been delayed this close to launch. There was a similar issue with the last batch of GEars 3 DLC, it got an undefined delay then was released 2 hours later.

darthv722240d ago

and when I didnt see the prompt, I played some voltron and rayman origin demos.

I figured it would be rolled out later today but eh...delays happen.

gamingdroid2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

More accurately, the apps for each service is being rolled out in December and so on. It's an ongoing process. The dashboard and all it's features are released today, hopefully.

Based on what Major Nelson said, I'm assuming the roll out itself is delayed as they get all the systems ready for the massive amount of traffic.

I have been in the beta/preview for some time and it's great. Looking forward to seeing you guys on beacon! :D

mcstorm2240d ago

I have to agree with you I am part of the BETA and the new Dash is amazing the MS Metro UI is going go be a missive hit.

DizzyDino2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

The dashboard is cool. im in the beta and the ufc app is awesome. they let me watch henderson vs shogun ppv for free but i dont like how ur friends will b offline sleeping with sheep jumping over their heads or sometimes they will be asleep holding a teddy bear. i hope they take that out

darthv722240d ago

you obviously know it isnt representative of what they are really doing. That is MS just being funny.

I hope they expand on that. Giving each one of your friends that are offline something different.

ZippyZapper2240d ago

e-mail said delay untill tomorrow

REALgamer2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

It's a staggered update around the world, so each region will be receiving it at different times over the next 2-3 days or so to prevent server congestion.

The first regions have received it now.

fr0sty2240d ago

if i ever update my console only to be greeted by lady gaga's ugly ass staring back at me when i turn it back on, i'm throwing it out the window then pouring gas on it and setting it on fire.

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KingSlayer2241d ago ShowReplies(3)
Euthanasia782241d ago

I'd rather have it a tad later than any bit buggy. As long as its not more than a day, I dont mind. I think it might be the biggest dashboard/UI update Microsoft has done. Ppl with a kinect might acctually be able to use it more. Pointing at me. LOL. Anyway, Who cares about the dashoard. Where is My KARKAND? LOL

FunkMcnasty2240d ago

Karkand comes out for XBOX on Dec 13. Comes out for ps3 today though, cuz of that 1 week exclusivity deal or something..

FunkMcnasty2240d ago

laughing at the disagree there :) it's well known fact.

damnyouretall2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

i understand having and paying for timed excl dlc for a month ,few months or so. but 1 week? blow me

FunkMcnasty2240d ago

No seriously. To the 10 people who disagree that B2K comes out for Xbox on Dec 13th and today (dec 6)for ps3: are you guys just being terds for fun and disagreeing? Because if you're not, you guys are complete tards. If you own BF3 for 360, boot it up right now. Put in the multi/co-op disc, and when you get to the main menu, there's a little news feed that scrolls along a little box at the top of the screen. And what does it say? It sayd back to karakand will be available for download on December 13.

Now, you might recall BF3 on ps3 getting the shaft on the promised free BF1943 download with a preorder. When EA/Dice decided not to give a free download of 1943, they instead guaranteed ps3 gamers that back to karkand would come a week early instead. That would be today.

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caliman872240d ago

next weak for bf3 for xbox

damnyouretall2240d ago


oh ok, cause of that they get it early. i believe they got screwed with that deal

Euthanasia782240d ago

I know Karkand is out on the 6th for PS3. That's why I said it. I own an Xbox and PS3. I'm too much of a gamer to not own every system.

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now i got to check my Xbox

BX812241d ago

I wonder what the stats are for the gaming industry vs others when it comes to delays. Would be interesting to see.

PhantomTommy2241d ago

Valve alone would out-delay the others.

Christopher2240d ago

I'd say Blizzard, but they don't delay, they just take forever to make a game. In my book, they just don't put out a release date until sure because they know they'd delay all of their games. Hell, I was in the WoW beta for almost a year, longest one I ever participated in.

Pillville2240d ago

I think the airlines would win if you add up the time for each delayed flight.

BX812239d ago

LMAO! Airlines are brutal.