The Making of Donkey Kong Country

Have you seen The Making of Donkey Kong Country yet? Before the game was released on November 25th 1994, Nintendo Power magazine visited the Nintendo of America headquarters to find out all about Rare's new platformer.

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gamesblow3826d ago

Super cheesy, but a decent look back. It's amazing how far we've ocme in the last 12 years or better. WOW! The clothes too. That guy was a smack. I also thought it was pretty lame they all had banannas. So lame.

Relientk773825d ago

theres a warning at the beginning of the vid lol

tatotiburon3825d ago

wow good times, no fanboys, SEGA and PSX got owned by this single 16 bit game, nintendo was the king, greats AAA....ahhh good times

GodsHand3825d ago

The FX chip was amazing, I alos like Yoshi Island with baby Mario.