“Voice” Feature for the Xbox 360, Another Siri’s Opponent?

Microsoft said that they will launch the newest feature of Xbox 360 gaming console that is equipped with the voice search feature. The feature is ready to present this week.

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Optical_Matrix2296d ago

WP7 had heavy voice integration months before Siri hit the market. It's Siri that's challenging Microsoft. WP7 should be given far more credit than its due I swear.

yesmynameissumo2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

HAHAHAHA! Yeah, that's why Microsoft has TellMe coming to challenge Siri...for WP7. If you didn't know, iOS had voice integration before Siri. The more you know...queue the rainbow.

PixL2295d ago

Surprise: Android's had voice integration for years.

NiKK_4192295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Yeah, but you have to admit that Siri is better than anything else out right now. Microsoft HAS been stepping it up the past couple years, but their just getting started.

Edit: @Dlacy13g That's the thing about it, though. It doesn't need commands because it actually understands what you want, not just some command that it's programmed to know.

n4f2295d ago

you all acting as if voice recognition as been invented this year

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Dlacy13g2295d ago

What I found amusing is the fact the author tried to make siri out to be better cause it doesn't use commands. Fact is the commands ensure everything works as its suppose to. Siri on the other hand per Apple themselves "doesn't always find what the user wanted".

DiRtY2295d ago

Doing it Apple-Style means to use old hardware, tweak old software give it a nice design and a fancy name plus a retarded price tag and you are done.

Watch millions of people pay you hundreds of USD.

Vega752295d ago

I wish people would understand siri wasn't the first virtual assistant for mobile phones. Nor is it the best one out either. I've been using vlingo and speaktoit since June before siri was announced as a new feature for the iPhone. Apple snatches feature other mobile companies do and try to pass it off as something new and innovative. When its been out a year or so longer for other phones.

El_Barto2295d ago

The voice recognition on Kinect and the new dash are miles ahead of Siri.