Extra Credit: Nitronic Rush Interview (TruePCGaming)

A group of students from DigiPen Institute of Technology recently released a fantastic survival racing game entitled, Nitronic Rush. Jordan Hemenway and Kyle Holdwick agreed to take us on a trip through the development process of creating Nitronic Rush in this e-mail interview. Here is a sample:

Where did the idea for Nitronic Rush come from?

JH: The initial ideas for Nitronic Rush came from the original team of four programmers and a designer, who came together because they shared inspirations from games like Carmaggedon, Trackmania, Hydro Thunder, and Rush 2049. The actual design for game came from developing the tech and prototyping it early on in development, which led to experiments such as jumping, flying, and boosting. After showing these mechanics to playtesters their reaction was surprisingly positive. This really encouraged the team to continue on that path, and about a year later it led to the game we have currently.

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