IGN - The Many Faces of Donkey Kong

IGN - We all know Donkey Kong as Mario's first real villain. He's been around since before the plumber got himself a royal girlfriend. But this renaissance ape is so much deeper than that. He's lived a long and varied life these past two decades, taking on numerous different jobs and roles along the way.

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xboxguy2122270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Nintendo should make a new donkey Kong country on Wii u that would be really fun. and also remake the old classic donkey Kong from the 80s that would be awesome now.

h311rais3r2270d ago

I agree 100%. Does your name get you flamed? Putting Xbox in a ps3 centric environment?

xboxguy2122270d ago

no i love Xbox i always have but i like PlayStation also i don't stick to just one thing. like most people do