Thoughts on the PS Vita

Rich Gwilliam wonders why you would want to carry around a Vita instead of a more versatile device.

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CynicalVision2414d ago

The writer is comparing the Vita to a tablet, in my mind that's wrong. The new Asus tablet is powerful but comparing it to a dedicated gaming platform is just silly.

Tablets aren't designed for the same quality of gaming as handhelds. If you're a gamer then you're hardly going to choose a tablet as your primary gaming platform.

I also love how he's talking about portability when the tablet is even bigger than the Vita.

GirlyGamer2413d ago

Totally agree with you. I just don't see the point in comparing a handheld with a tablet :( Their purpose is different right?!?

Etseix2412d ago

it's not just about the purpose, in the end, its stupid comparing a handheld such as the Vita, to a tablet <.<

Shanks2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Fail article:

"The Vita has a quad core ARM A9 CPU backed up with 512mb ram, however tablets like the Asus Transformer have the Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU and 1Gb ram."

1. The Tegra 3 chip is based on a quad core ARM A9 CPU. (FAIL!)
2. The Vita has 512MB of main RAM and 128MB of V-RAM. (FAIL!)


smashcrashbash2413d ago

Yeah. I don't see how its is hard to see you carrying around a gaming device like the VITA in your hands but easy to understand why something 2 or 3 times it size that you basically have to carry around in a bag is any better.

I can't see you whipping out a tablet on the bus and starting to play a game.Then people say is all you need is a controller and it is as good as the VITA. Yeah I can see that. I prop the Ipad on the seat next to me whip out the controller and start playing games on it.That isn't inconvenient at all *rolls eyes*

Bach2412d ago

Either way, I want my Vita now, on the double!

ABizzel12412d ago

At the end of the day the Vita is designed to play games dedicated gamers, a table is not.

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tiffac0082412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Can't this so-called professional writers understand that gamers buy consoles for the games first and all the other reasons second?

You think they would understand by now...

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Etseix2412d ago

This reminds me of when the ps3 with* Killzone 2 were to impressive to compare them with another consoles and their respective games, that sites like this one/ started to compare them with the pc and crysis. lol

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